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age 12+

No worse than risk but is very comlpicated and complex.

There is no blood, because you can only see from the sky. It's super fun but is really complex. I can hardly beat the 6th mission. so dont expect youre 9 year old to love it.
age 13+

RUSE is a very interesting example of a game as although it deals with violent themes and the second world war, it is not simply mindless violence as many other games are. RUSE is a strategic game where you play the role of a general with the aim of defeating your enemy. To do this, you must strategically command your troops and use 'RUSEs' (benefits that allow you to trick your enemy) to lead your side to victory. There is no graphical violence in RUSE, but it does still deal with intentions of killing, so is not suitable for children. There is some very mild language, but nothing that a teenager wouldn't hear at school. Due to its themes and difficulty, RUSE is inappropriate for children under the age of 13, but anybody over that age should be mature enough to deal with it. I'd almost go to the length of saying this game has a positive influence as it really forces the player to think to achieve, as opposed to running around mindlessly trying to kill as many people as possible.

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