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Teen, 17 years old Written byHopeless July 9, 2009

Excellent RPG..

To begin with, i love RPG's..this game gets you hooked as soon as your character starts leveling up...there are multiple aspects as to how your character fights, various different weapons, a great array of spells and armor...the environment is breathtaking as well...The violence here isn't that bad at all, blood is seen on the floor and chunks of blood fly across the screen when certain minions die but nothing overly graphic...there's no language, the sexual content, unless your kids or something search out specific types of armor it wont be provocative in the least, even then its really nothing bad. One of the quests in the game involve getting ingredients for a cook who states that "women give their virginity to try the pudding" and thats the extent of references as far as i've seen. Overall..if your an RPG fan you'll love this game with its environments, weapons, armor, large world and huge assortment of enemies to fight.
Teen, 13 years old Written bycerealkiller189 March 24, 2012

Have this for my PS3 and Xbox 360,great game.

Yes,whenever an RPG comes by,I always perk up and this wasn't a surprise,When I first heard about this,I was all for it,I don't know about you,but I immediately got this game.And great RPG and cinematic game effects it had.If you,like me,have played Sacred 1,you'll love this.Guaranteed.
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