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Kid, 11 years old July 16, 2014

Pixelated Adventures Slightly Lacks Original Nintendo (NES/SNES/etc.) Pixelated Adventures Great Quality Shovel Knight is an ok game on the Nintendo eShop that is ok for ages 9 and up. There is violence, Shovel Knight hits enemies with his shovel.---------- I saw this game's trailer the day the trailer came out and I couldn't wait for it. I'm an extreme gamer, and it had been the first time in a while that a pixeladventure had been released since the latest Nintendo system pixeladventure, 1,001 Spikes, had been released. So I couldn't wait. I forgot about. But after 3 days of its release for the 3DS, I bought it for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Bad news is, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It just lacked original pixeladventure quality. They should drop the price to $11.99 or $9.99. I can't complain too much. It's a good game, just a tiny bit overpriced.
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Too much violence
Teen, 14 years old Written byngauthier404 August 15, 2014

Great adventure platformer with high difficulty

This game is fantastic! It is a "8-bit" style platformer with the style of a Mega Man game. The story is looked over by the main review, but you play as the hero Shovel Knight, running through the world attempting to save his partner Shield Knight. To do this, he has to defeat the Enchantress and the eight knights of the Order of No Quarter. This part is familiar to Mega Man players. You have to defeat all of the eight knights, go to the Tower of Fate, fight all of them again, and then fight the Enchantress. The presentation of the game is where it really shines. The graphics are reminiscent of the old NES era. The music matches the graphics, and you will be humming the music all day long, because it really does set the mood. That being said, this game is extremely hard. You start off with four hearts, and that is increased every time you defeat three bosses. This makes for some frustrating first few levels, as if you are not the type to be playing Mega Man or Dark Souls, you will find this game very challenging. However, with this game's difficulty, deaths are handled fairly. Checkpoints are scattered throughout the level. Players gain gold when the dig blocks or kill enemies. When you die, you drop a quarter of your gold. You respawn at the last checkpoint you touched. When you get to the part you died on, your money will be floating in bags that you can pick up. This way, if you get all the money bags, there is no penalty for death. This game is a fantastic game, and everyone should check it out. But, if you are not the hardcore type, try it before you buy it.
Kid, 9 years old January 27, 2016

best game ever

this game is the best for kids and parents the plot is good the graphics are ok (for 1870) but it only has little violence no blood and no language
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Easy to play/use
Kid, 12 years old March 23, 2015

Shovel Knight

Shovel knight is a wonderful game, with almost no flaws whatsoever. It is a perfect reminder of retro games, but with new systems also built in. The level design is absolutely wonderful, and you can use items to allow you to get past the enemies or even the obstacles themselves. On the side of the story, there's not much depth but it's very sweet. I do not want to spoil the ending, but I can say for myself that it's incredible to watch what happens. By the way, I really don't understand why this game's positive role models were rated so low. The shovel knight does NOT kill anyone, (except for possibly monsters, which vanish with a poof) and yet still follows a very strong set of rules on his (or her [let me just say there's an interesting theory]) journey to set things right.
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Great messages
Great role models
Teen, 16 years old Written byVioletRaven975 February 9, 2015

Shovel Knight: Modern Nostalgia

The first thought that popped into my head upon first playing this game was, "Finally! A perfect first game!" This is a game akin to the Sonic or Super Mario Bros games of our childhood. It's colorful, exciting, and all around just a good time. Kids will love the protagonist Shovel Knight and his quest in shovel-ry. The folks over at "Yacht Club" have succeeded in making a fast paced and enjoyable experience. That said, I can see a million temper-tantrums in the future from the raw difficulty of this game. I even found my self having to walk away from my computer in a moment of rage. All disclaimers aside, this is a must-have for little gamers looking for a place to start. Just have chocolate milk on the ready :)
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Great messages
Great role models