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age 7+

interesting sim game

Interesting game, fun for child to learn about animal habitats and how different decisions make an impact thru the ecosystem. It was pretty easy to join my child and play together, although it takes some coordinating, which is also great. However, like some others have said, she was sad when some of her favorite animals die (it's always difficult, isn't it, after you name an animal?) and eventually she was so concerned about the toxic spill and its effect that she didn't want to play anymore! But she did enjoy it for quite a while and some kids wouldn't be especially bothered by these things. I may be reaching here, but it also has a positive message that people can make the earth more livable and protecting wildlife is a great thing.

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Too much violence
Educational value
age 8+

Mixed feelings about this game

Not really sure how to rate this. My daughter rented it and I thought my younger son would hate it (no action) but he played it almost as much as she did. They seemed to have a lot of fun but a lot of it seemed repetitive and boring to me when I watched (although they had no complaints). Both kids felt like they would be able to beat the game really quickly so it may not be worth buying. I wouldn't exactly call it educational, although it did touch on some environmental topics. Easy to play if you can read & follow directions. Fairly intuitive. Sensitive kids might get stressed over the idea of "their" animal getting eaten by predators. The animals are kind of cute... nothing really bad but nothing outstanding either.
age 10+

Great game. Some stress for sensitive kids.

Can be stressful to sensitive kids; animals eat each other, some plants are limited, requires some planning/memory/shifting between environments. It is one of our favorites.

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Great messages
age 6+

Urm... nothing like the other Sim games.

You'd expect it to be the exact same thing as Sims... but it's almost the opposite. It's fun for the first 15 minutes, but then it's boring. The beaver level is impossible. (I think...)

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Great messages
age 15+

I smile ! I cry !!!

Nothing...just want to be who I am...hehehheee....