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Sine Mora Ex

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age 14+

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age 17+

I thought that this would be a safe game.

Had company over and was letting a kid try out a game that I thought would be relatively harmless. I should have read the ESRB rating. F-bomb within minutes of starting it. Its swearing cats that fly aircraft. FYI.

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 10+

Fun starfighter game with reasonable difficulty, somber plot.

Kid appropriate space ship shooting. If anything a game with topics that are well handled should br more kid appropriate. Language is low tier content and its not even frequent here, and only few non explicit sexual references amongst a game of otherwise kid friendly starfighter blasting. There is some story talk about genocide and rape but i learned about this stuff in 4th Grade In School. This game shows the ESRB cant handle a few bad words.