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Sins of a Solar Empire

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Easy to play/use
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fun, but long.

the strategy is very in depth, requiring a lot of micromanagement. I really like the story and the graphics. the only problem I have with it is that it takes a loooooong time to play, requiring more than an two hours to make any progress in most levels. So I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone who doesn't have A LOT of time on their hands. But other than that it is an awesome game, requiring significant thought and sound strategies.

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Educational value
age 10+

Fun for all ages

The game is very fun and not gorrey (srry if spelling is wrong) at all. The only reason i dont put the age rating lower is that it is tough to get the hang of playing.
age 6+

the RTS of 2008

It is n RTS, not too much violence, no sex and lots of strategic thinking. If you have a young kid that is into PC gaming, I would always suggest an RTS since they have little inappropriate material. If you have/are a teen, highly recommended due to the fun aspect of conquering the galaxy. Even if you're an adult, I could recommend this game for the reasons as a the teen. It requires thinking and is probably a better mental workout that doing math problems.