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Overall an amazing game.

If you look at the sites review and instantly don't want to buy this for your child then I'm sorry but this game is just fine. The gameplay is good and the content is better, if you don't want your child hearing very mild words then just go into the game settings and turn off the voice dialogue and BAM issue solved. It is overall one of the best skateboarding game out there and I would recommend it.

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Easy to play/use
age 17+

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Too much consumerism
Educational value
age 12+

For most kids over 10.

You can get into SERIOUS injuries, and it shows what bones you break. There's a mode that you are SUPPOSED to injure yourself. In career mode, there is some constant swearing, like the "Tony Hawk" games. It's a game perfect for teens, but there are many kids out there that wouldn't mind it (explains my "iffy for 12)

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Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 8+

Skate 2 a must have!

Skate 2 is a game with unending replay value. This game has many great features such as campaign and party play. The campaign is great for single player when you are by yourself. In the party play, hall of meat is the best way to one up your friends in an open fight to see who can fall the gnarliest. Any way you go there is always a way to touch up your tricks and learn to die better so there is no way to stop playing. You'll never want to put this game down!