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Teen, 13 years old Written byged 10010 August 26, 2013

Brilliant game

brilliant game only things in it are hitting people with a cane (No blood) and use of tobacco
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Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2013

buy this game you wont regret it its safe and children like this game

its a great game for kids
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Safety and privacy concerns
Teen, 14 years old Written bycallofduty6 December 29, 2015

Fun PS3 game

Sly is a good Playstation game. The only stealing u do is pickpocketing and that's optional. The main goal of the game is to keep Sly's legacy from being erased. The game does make several references to Sly's family all being thieves but as long as your kid knows stealing is wrong then it shouldn't b a problem. i don't know what csm means when it says every girl character wears sumthing revealing bcuz i hav played this game several times and theres only 2 female characters in the game and the dancing scene is the only revealing part and its not that graphic. if i could i would skip that part bcuz i feel weird playing it but its not that bad. overall its a good kids game.
Kid, 11 years old May 28, 2016

Another Amazing Sly Game

I am already a fan of the Sly Cooper series, and this game was anything but a step down. Pros: -Hilarious cut scenes -Fun boards to explore and great graphics -Nice story -Good characters -Awesome game play and fun missions -Worth the money Cons: -Some characters are drinking/smoking -Cartoon violence -A little bit of risque things (mainly Carmelita's outfits) -You are playing as a gang of thieves Continue reading if you want more elaboration on the list, but otherwise, this is a fun game for younger kids to begin their gaming on the PS3. More elaboration: The story of Sly only stealing from other thieves doesn't really make him a true bad guy. This time, he's doing it to save the Cooper history from being erased from the past. (Okay, spoilers are coming up) The skunk behind it all has his own team of villains to help him remove the Coopers since Sly's dad put his father in jail (which isn't really a good reason, but Sly confronts him saying that). The motion controls and graphics are great, but the game takes longer to load since it's harder for the PS3 to handle. Murray, Sly, and Bentley are as amusing and lovable as ever. It took me a little bit to be comfortable with the new art style since it was a giant step. There are so many more great cut scenes. I was disappointed how Carmelita basically wears a bathing suit, which, if a cop did IRL, she would easily break a bone or get shot by the criminals. The other characters look fine, and my favorite villain was the Grizz. Sly is still the slickest character around, and him and Carmelita's love story finally comes true. I was kind of mad at the ending because the most you can find is an unlock able clip of Sly landing in the desert. So, hopefully we'll get to see more of that. There is a bit of drugs and drinking, but barely any. The thing I disliked the most about this game was that Penelope was a villain! She was my favorite character because she was a nerdy girl like me and we both love to drive and fly remote control things. She and Bentley where the perfect couple, and then Bentley just attacks her and she hates him. It was so stupid and I hope that they will bring back Bentley and Penelope. The educational bit? Well, you kind of learn about the time periods you go in, but don't think this will be a history lesson for your kids. One more thing, there is a mission where Carmelita does a belly dance and they even zoom on her butt when you shake it. A bit risque for me, but all in all, a fantastic game.
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Easy to play/use