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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

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age 14+

Worth it

I originally thought that it was to rough for my 16 yr old son and when I looked at the youtubers doing this I thought a solid no. I eventually caved though and my son bought the game. It turns out the youtubers use this thing called bullet cams which shows the bullet hitting the target ,but actually they do that for views. You can turn the bullet cam off and there is no blood. (basically turns off blood and gore). With that off the game is fun to play. Worth the money. It is actually a good starter shooter game as there is no gore(with cams off)

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age 16+

It is playable with GORE OFF!

I have watched my son play this game and I said it was a bit to graphic for my liking. The graphics seemed exceptionally good. He said he could turn off gore in settings. Now when the gore is off the game is fine, "the enemy just falls over." I like this game because even though he enjoys it he still learns that fighting isn't all that fun. He is 13. Gore off would be 13+ but with gore on I would say 16+.
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age 12+

Amazing game son loves it!!!

I think that most parents say no due to the amount of blood in the bullet cameras there is not blood if you turn those off. My son like fps games and he even said he wanted to turn those off because they take so long and waste his time. There is one mission where you stop a drug runner but you never smoke or interact with any drugs in the game. the language is no worse that your average pg-13 movie!