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Parent reviews for SOMA

Common Sense says

Frightening, mature, challenging underwater adventure.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 18+
Based on 1 review

Kids say

age 15+
Based on 3 reviews
Adult Written bySam Marrick August 20, 2016

For Disturbing Content, Grisly Bloody Images, Language and some Nudity

Masterfully crafted atmosphere and a fully realized environment enhance the minimalist gameplay with subtle puzzle solving and platforming, both of which require more thought and situational analysis than expected. Less like Portal and more like Myst (except less brutally cryptic). Not as pervasively scary as Amnesia but has plenty of "evade the monster" sequences sprinkled throughout and well thought out ones too. A mysterious and though provoking story helps too. While the player rarely commits violent acts and much of the game is non violent exploration puzzle solving there is alot of gruesome dead bodies throught the environments. Its baffling how it didnt get the "blood and gore" descriptor from the ESRB. From being badly cut, dismembered, having thier brains blown out, having thier throats ripped out, being melted to bloody mush, one area having many corpses with thier heads exploded (with brains, blood, gore splattered everywhere). Memorable scenes include a dead body that has is head bloodily twisted off by a machine when tring to ready a diving suit, a room with gouged eyes wallowing in a gaint pool of blood, the gory owner of which is found stuffed in a blood leaking locker nearby. A bloody bed that evidences a suicide by slit wrists. Numerous bodies are found bloody and shrivelled while being leached hy these organic looking machines while they are shockingly still alive, breathing slowly and painfully. Some bodies have sentient machines bloodily ripping through thier flesh. There is also a good amout of swearing, especially s and f words (mostly in past audio logs during tense and casual situations) . Although there is little dialog in the game in general. Theres also the mosntser with the penis.