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Frightening, mature, challenging underwater adventure.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byDotDashGaming December 10, 2018

Bloody horror game

It contains nudity and swearing. there are corpses you can find, some with a lot of blood and no head some completely intact. It deals with some difficult subjects. It is a great horror experience for older teens.
Teen, 15 years old Written byTheGreenJ February 13, 2018

Okay for teens.

SOMA is an emotional, terrifying and great video game with mature themes. First off with Violence, the games overall violence is surprisingly mild at most points, when enemies attack the screen will fade to black, nothing bloody. Corpses can be found around the environment, some are in diving suits with no signs of trauma, others with no heads lying in pools or streaks of blood. One enemy can be seen fully naked with exposed breasts, buttocks and genitalia, (the enemy is encountered twice, one as male another as female). Moderate to strong language including the words f*ck, and sh*t, (infrequent at the beginning, but gets more frequent as the game progresses). Overall, this is a mature, terrifying game with strong profanity, some nudity and bloody environments.
Teen, 15 years old Written byLemonSheep January 25, 2018

Deep, dark horror game violent and disturbing

The game revolves around a man who finds himself in a deep mystery as he wakes up in an underwater base, hunted by grotesque creatures. While there isn’t much on-screen violence, plenty of bloody, deformed bodies can be found, exposing plenty of disturbing imagery. There is also plenty of dark corridors, jump scares, tense scenes and overall intense gameplay that keeps the player on edge. Tough, morally ambiguous moral choices are forced upon the player, and plenty of profanity such as ‘f**k’ and ‘s**t’ can be heard. Great terrifying experience for mature older teens.