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I really love this game!

It's a good RPG game and is really underrated. It's my favorite Sonic game and the best one on the original DS. It's much better than the Mario and Luigi RPG games, though it isn't as good as The World Ends With You or the Pokemon games. It still has enough depth to keep a person engaged story wise and is great for kids who are old enough to read or for kids at heart looking for a more puzzley touch screen RPG that isn't The World Ends With You. My only complaint is that unless you are going for a 100% complete game with both Cream and Omega unlocked it doesn't take very long at all at 15 hours which is 5 hours less than the reviewer mentioned (I played it on my New 2DS XL which has an Activity Log to keep track of the hours spent on each game). Other than the game being short, I really like it and it's got a good enough story to have significant replay value in my opinion. Plus Shade is one of the best Sonic characters ever and it's too bad this is the only game she appears in.
age 8+


This game was great! the violence was perfect!

This title has:

Great role models
Too much violence
age 14+

This title has:

Easy to play/use
Too much swearing
age 6+

get your kids into rpgs with sonic!

good kid game