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Parent reviews for Sonic Lost World

Common Sense says

Fast-paced addition to classic hedgehog hero franchise.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 10+
Based on 2 reviews

Kids say

age 8+
Based on 6 reviews
Adult Written byChrisH. November 25, 2014

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAustin The Miru November 8, 2014

Quite Possibly the Worst Sonic Game Ever Made

This game is pretty much the opposite of what the main review claims it is. The game is slow, gimmicky, and childish. None of the characters are likable at all. Sonic is a one-dimensional jerk, Tails is a one-dimensional primadonna, and the Deadly Six run the gamut from boring to outright offensive. The graphics and gameplay are both of abysmal quality, but the story is what truly breaks it. * Sonic's remarks to Zeena tell children "No. Bad guys bad." Previous Sonic games, as well as the comics, followed a Rosseau was Right mantra, showing most villains redeemed and the few who did die, like Mephiles, were shown to be far too gone to be redeemed. The Deadly Six are instead a bunch one one-dimensional crooks, whom, despite their utter incompetence, are treated as terrifyingly evil and are left to die at the end. * Sonic, as I mentioned before, is a total jerk with few to no redeeming factors. So is Tails * Robotnik is constantly abused because "Bad guy", even though he has done nothing wrong. * None of the other characters do anything. One can argue Amy was being somewhat decent, but Knuckles does absolutely nothing and Orbot and Cubot are simply obnoxious beyond belief.