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Parent of a 4 year old Written byAGlover89 February 21, 2011
My son is almost 5 and he has loved Spider-man since he was 2, it all started to young so we have had to be very careful and monitor everything that has to do with Spidey. He loves this game it was easy to learn to play and aside from some of the bad guys looking a little creepy it is a pretty decent game for a superhero game.
Adult Written bymappler April 9, 2008

What you might expect

I rated it "Iffy" for commercialism and violence. However, it is a "brawler" based on the "Spiderman" franchise. So, this of course means it is advertising Spiderman constantly and it is by its' nature a fighting game. Assuming that the concept of a fighting game is O.K. for your kids, this is a fine game. The "plot" is thin, the game is repetitive, and my kids love it. Spiderman is a LOT of fun to control. I've finished about 85% of the game at this point, and you spend almost all of your time punching, webbing, and throwing "bad guys". The villians are a blast to control as well, and provide good variety. Have fun!