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Not a good game...

Spongebob HeroPants... I hate the game. The only reason i play is occasionally is to rid of boredom. Even then, this game usually makes that futile. The issues of the game hooh, theres a LOT. so, i'll go over the most noticeable There's only one real boss. Thats fine i guess if it wasnt at the start of the game. You heard me right. Bad graphics. 2003's Battle For Bikini Bottom had much better graphics.. Voices get stale after a while. No one wants to hear the 3 same voice clips for one character. No Replay Value. Like, literally none at all. Unless you wanna see Bubbles the dolphin do some stupid break dance for the true ending... The good(?) things of the game It's a good start for kids that wanna play Action/Adventure games i guess?? And i guess its good for farming achievements on xbox 360 if you still wanna beat your friends there as all achievements are 50G. The plot... The plot is basically some non-canon sequel to the actually good movie this was based on. Many of the remaining pages have been spread around causing weird things to happen. That's about it. Overall, the game should have better and DEFINITELY COULD HAVE been better... but nope, that went in the trash. Its a shame that Behavior Interactive, the one that made games like Naughty Bear, Dead By Daylight, and Ed Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures would have made a monstrosity like this. Then again, greedy Activision likely gave them the smallest time constraints there was. And to think several years ago this was a nominee for the 'most addicting game' in the Kids Choice Awards. Dont play this game...
age 3+

The most recent spongebob game as of May 2020 is lackluster.

This game may look like a fun and enjoyable experience on the surface, especially with the opening CGI cutscene. However, everything else about this game is so laughably bad that it’s sad to call this a spongebob game. At least other spongebob games are either mediocre to masterpieces. When other spongebob games have enjoyment around every corner, this doesn’t. The levels you explore don’t give you any sense of immersion to being in bikini bottom like the older games. The levels feel like choppily put together wood platforms and beat-em-up sections. If you are looking for a good spongebob game your kids can enjoy, buy Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom when it releases. During these troubling times, the last thing you could be doing is play this game.

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age 4+

Belongs in the trash

This spongebob game is so easy and quick i can beat it in like 2 hours and the game is soy easy even 4 year olds can beat it just dont buy it if you have a xbox, ps2, gba or gamecube just buy spongebob battle for bikini bottom on amazon instead of this game
age 13+

Spongebob is super charged

This is the best video game ever

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Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
age 4+

Worst sponge bob game et

If u have kids who just getting used to video games or getting started than it be a great game to get but other wise don't buy it
age 7+

SpongeBob HeroPants: Shovelware to the Max

For those not in the know, "shovelware" is a term used for games that serve no other purpose other than to make an extra buck. This game is not worth the $30 out of your wallet. It doesn't make your kids think,it doesn't make them smile, and it barely holds their attention for the shortest of times. As for the issue of inappropriate content, you need not worry. If your kids can understand basic controls they'll be fine. Do not waste your money on this game. There are plenty of free Spongebob games on the Nickelodeon website. So breath a deep breath of relief knowing that you need not spend a dime to bring a smile to the face of the little ones. But if your kids are truly insatiable, Target will always have you covered :)