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age 12+

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age 10+

Star Fox for the GameCube

Ignore the T rating, this game is perfectly fine. It's also the GameCube's true StarFox game after the spinoff that was Star Fox Adventures. Assault was criticized for being short, but it's not bad.
age 2+

Very childish and for babies

Are you kidding me common sense! 12 and up! Thats a joke. My kids are 13 and 11 and I let them play this when they were 6 and I would have let them play it even younger. You shoot robots from a 3rd person veiw.
age 10+


This game is very fun. The violence is almost a given because, what do you expect? It's a Starfox game. This game was a relief from SF: Adventures. I couldn't stand that game, and it was very boring.
not rated for age

No StarFox 64, but at least it's better than Adventures.

After the Zelda rip-off that was StarFox Adventures, I was extremely happy to see Fox return to his roots. Though not as good as the near-perfect StarFox 64, this game proves to be an excellent space shooter. The on-foot action leaves a lot to be desired, but this is more than made up for by the Arwing levels. An excellent buy for any 'Cube owner.
not rated for age

Should have been E10+

C'mon this game is not that violent at all.
not rated for age


first off, this isn't a first-person shooter. you play it from a third person perspective. using this as an alternitive to halo would be cruel to your child, if he's above 12, as this game is good, but it doesn't compare to halo at all. and whoo the hell wants to play the first doom?
not rated for age


good game espesially if you want a shooter game but your parents dont like them then ask them about this one
not rated for age

i loved it