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Play as Star Trek character in combat-heavy, open chat MMO.
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Parent Written byLiam S. October 22, 2016

I may be free to play but that does not mean it will not cost you money

The current page information for the game is a bit out of date a the time of this review (Oct 22, 2016) as the game is now free to down load from both ARC and Steam with the subscription fee remaining as a gold membership offering in game extras.
There is no need to ever spend money on the game unless you truly wish to. There times a year endgame ships are given away for free based on participation in in game events.
Even a small monetary investment can reap rewards in game allowing for many hours of play.
With younger or more impressionable children it is strongly recommended to simply remove the player chat from the game leaving only NPCs and notification active as with any public space there will be points at which it can be toxic even older children and adults are advised to avoid it as there is little gain to it.
There are several in game in game money systems to keep track of which can lend itself to a study of markets in action.
The Klingon and Romulan story arcs are vastly more violent than the federation and forces the player to comet war crimes (unwillingly whilst brainwashed on the romulan side) and should be noted as something to be discussed with a younger child if not avoided all together.
There are in game groups called fleets which can be of great value as they allow aces to high tier equipment and many are a welcoming environment will to help new players, however as with any gaming group that you would have in a non digital space parental guidance is advised as even if the content is not inappropriate the fleet may have unfair policies in place.
The final not is that there are lots of ways to spend lots of money in the game so care must be observed if the game has you information on file and your child is a bit impulsive.

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Parent of a 2-year-old Written byMr.Haugen May 3, 2010

Good for 12 and up with parental support.

Star Trek was subversive in its message about the future of humanity... this game continues with those messages.
The character creator places an emphasis on options... you can have a Latino, Asian or African human character. The wealth of humanity is represented. So is the equality between alien races.
You need to be careful with the 'store' for more pets, costumes and ships. Fortunately buying anything requires two separate transactions... the first buying the credits, and the second using the credits to buy the item.

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Adult Written byshadow_moses_kratos March 22, 2010
im a trekkie and a tournament sto player and im teaching my little bro to play...

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