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Choose to be a good or evil Jedi knight.
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Adult Written byWill K September 3, 2016

Since there's a lack of contextual adult reviews...

Knight of the Old Republic II, much like it's predecessor, doesn't fail to impress yet again. As usual commonsensemedia gave this game, like it's predecessor, a lowly 3 stars where it deserves well above 5, if it was possible. Unlike the first game, where I put kids the age of 8 and up could/should play, I believe this one should be bumped up to at least 10. This game is great at making you question your decisions, thanks to one of the main characters, Kreia. Regardless of whether or not you become "good" or "bad", she'll still have you question yourself, giving this game a much deeper meaning. For example, you can decide to help a beggar by giving them money in the game, however, Kreia shows you the consequences of that, which results in that beggar being attacked by another beggar due to him having undeserved money. If you choose not to help the beggar however, she scolds you for not considering the consequences to be had by not helping him. This game is easily one of the best well written and I would honestly favor this over the first game, especially given how complex it is. NOTE! If you do decide to get this game, get it for PC/MAC. When the game was under development, LucasArts rushed Obsidian (the company working on it) to push for a holiday release, when it needed at least a summer release. Despite that, they were forced to go through with the unplanned holiday release, resulting in an incomplete game. BUT! Obsidian was smart about this, and kept all the missing content included in the game files for fans to hopefully one day finish what they started... and they did. So, if you do decide to purchase this game, make sure you by all means get the "KotOR II Restoration Patch" as it adds a plethora of missing dialogue, events, items, and fixes over a thousand bugs. Though I didn't talk much about gameplay and such, trust me, it's great. I loved every minute of it.

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Adult Written byevil waffle April 2, 2011

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