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age 10+

Great Game!

I just downloaded this game and was immediately impressed, the graphics are stunning and so is the gameplay! The only concerns that a parent could have is the fact that the stunts are dangerous and if you fail them you see them fall down the mountain p, however there’s no blood. The other possible concern would be swearing, however this is very mild and after playing the game for 5 hours I only heard 3 instances of very mild swearing.
age 9+

Fun game but has high risk sports situations

The first thing you notice in this game is that it is absolutely beautiful - the mountain scenes in the snow are breath taking. That said there are a few things you should know and why I rated it for 9 years old rather than 13: T for teen. I will also say that my child never plays any video games alone - just a house rule. 1 - Dangerous Sports: It is a game of extreme winter sports (Snowboarding, Skiing, Para Sailing and Wing Suit) the crashes are jarring. I am clear with my child that this is a fantasy game that would result in much worse outcomes in the real world than a simple game-reset. There is no blood but there is the sound of a body hitting rocks (you can turn down this in settings). As you might imagine learning the wing suit is most intense. 2 - There is some language issues when he player takes a big fall they swear if it is a great fall. There is no direct way to turn this off yet so I just switched the language to French. Since we dont speak french and all the words are in French we dont know which is a swear ;-) Not great but a good workaround. Hoping the Developer can update this in future versions as it does not add to the UX. There are also some audio clips a player can trigger with "X" button that include some mild negative jabs at other players - the French also cures this. 3 - Other Players - there is an option to challenge others (strangers and friends) but only if you are logged into that aspect of the game. There is no live chat where another player could curse and you just see their user name and ranking (I guess the user name could be an issue but i havent seen it yet) Overall a really fun challenging game in an stunning open-world if your child can separate game fantasy from the reality of hitting rocks in a wing suit.