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Streets Of Rogue: Golden Roguelike

Age Rating: This game is not intended for kids but that doesn't mean it's absolutely horrible. I'll go over the tags one by one. Violence: Players and NPC's can and will fight and kill each other. This includes using melee weapons like bats, crowbars, and good ol' fists, as well as fire arms like pistols, machine guns, and shotguns, as well as other unique weapons. This will range from mild to severe but it depends on what you're doing. Mild being that the character dies and it's body stays there open eyed on the floor. Severe, the body explodes in combat and pixelated blood and gore spread around the corpse's previous location. That being said (YOU CAN TURN OFF BLOOD) I put that in caps to emphasize it sorry if it seemed obnoxious. Drinking/Drugs: The 'story' includes mention of drugs and alcohol. You can drink, Beer, Whisky, and Cocktails as well as shoot up syringes (which act as the game's version of potions ranging from bad to good randomly) you can also sniff up 'sugar' (originally named cocaine) and eat 'Strength Pills' (originally named steroids). There are also Drug dealers around the map who can sell drugs to you. Sex?: There isn't really anything sexual in this game however there are a couple instances of 'nudity' I say that in quotes because nothing is shown but there are some people in bathhouses that don't wear anything for clothes, but again nothing is actually shown (aside from their behind but it's extremely pixelated) just something to be aware of. Also there is a tiny shapeshifter who is naked because why not, but same thing. Swearing: Nothing too severe, occasional use of [email protected]#n, A##, but that's it. (THERE IS AN OPTION TO CENSOR LANGUAGE) again caps just to emphasize, sorry for the obnoxiousness of that. So yeah you can censor it but there's only about two cases where swearing is in the game. Other words include, Crap and, "son of a biscuit" but that's really mild, kindergarteners hear much worse these days. Side note: the game actually rewards you for not killing people. As for gameplay, It is one of the best Roguelikes ever made. Immersive sim meets top-down roguelike. Give it a try, worth full price I've put 220 hours into it, if that says anything other than, 'you have no life'.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 11+

Great Game!

Got tis when it relesed for me Xbox, great game, definitely a good amount of violence and drinking, but I mean, if you've sen tat stuff be4, u shuld be gud.

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Easy to play/use