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Delightfully dark Gothic Adventure blends Exploration and Text-Based Adventure

Violence and Scariness: Text contain references to some graphic violent acts and rituals, but are never shown. Exploration mode features combat against other ships (ships sink) and sea monsters (leaving trails of blood in water and monsters disappear once defeated). Not very graphic. Some scary imagery, and game often has dark tone. Language: All language in the game is censored, all you see is the first and last letter of words. Sex/Nudity: No visible sex, but there are occasional mild allusions to it. It is also possible to get married and have a child, but nothing really sexual about that. Drugs: Some references to alcohol and fictitious drugs, though none are ever taken by any characters in the game, and are said to have terrible consequences.
age 8+


Its great

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age 14+

Age Eight, CSM? Really?

Okay, normally I wouldn't be posting without playing the game first (I had some other games that I'd wanted more during this year's summer Steam sale), but I have to question the rating on this one. This game has an extremely creepy and rather dark tone; this is a rather unnerving game and was intended to be. I'd imagine that some eight-year-olds would be okay with playing it, but I highly doubt most would. This probably isn't a game that you'd want to buy for your young kid unless you know they aren't easily disturbed.