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Teen, 14 years old Written byDustierDolphin December 10, 2016

Fun and amazing creativity

I had mario maker on the wii u and I had a blast. I was not able to upload my courses on the wii u so the portability is key. The online corses do not have enough options but this version is a ok

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Kid, 9 years old January 6, 2017

Creative, Fun and Entertaining

Super Mario Maker is one of the most creative games I've ever played - tied with Minecraft and Terraria. It also has great messages like "Great job, you've finished another world!" or "Great job for earning Bowser!". You can play levels that other real people have created but you cannot speak to them. But some levels can be very difficult and frustrating for young kids. Otherwise Super Mario Maker is a great game.

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Teen, 15 years old Written bywizardortitan December 30, 2016

Stick to the Wii U version.

The 3DS version is missing the best features of the Wii U version - the ability to upload levels to Nintendo's servers and share your creativity, as well as Amiibo support. Both of these features don't have any real explanation for being missing, as other 3DS games have used them before. Don't pay for an incomplete port, especially when a better version is readily available.
Kid, 9 years old December 13, 2016


This game takes everything good about Mario maker and let's u play on the go! It's a good port or as I like to call it gort (but sharing courses has gone downhill)

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Teen, 13 years old Written byGearWax February 9, 2017

Don't buy unless you don't have a Wii U

This game is good, don't get me wrong. It's perfectly fine to buy, but ONLY if you have a 3ds and not a Wii U, because this game is the nondefinitive version. Just get the Wii U one. Messages: The creative message is great. Great Role Models: The internet has no great role models, because it's the internet and people act like idiots. It is very easy to pick up and play, but people might get stuck on course design. Everything is marked below, but only because you never know what you'll find online. The consumerism is that there is mario elements everywhere, but this is a game to make your own courses, so this is expected. There are a few safety concerns, considering 90% of this game is playing online courses (although uploading your own for all to see is Wii U only, the 3ds version instead shares courses with StreetPass).

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Kid, 10 years old January 13, 2019

you can't share levels!

wait until the switch version comes out or if you have a wii u, get that version, case this version doesn't even have amiibo compatibility or level sharing!
Teen, 13 years old Written byJoshTheMarioManiac January 5, 2019

Creative And Fun!

Very creative! You can create your own levels and play them and send them to the world! You can also play super mario challenge and get new enemies and items to put in your levels. It can be a little frustrating but its soo worth it! 10/10

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Kid, 9 years old June 8, 2018

Unleash your imagination with this,

You can totally use your imagination with this, and there is even a tutorial for players who don't know how to play this game, while earning new pieces to build levels along the way. The only thing is that when you create a level, you have to save it, either that or all the work you just did went straight into a black hole.

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Kid, 7 years old December 9, 2017

maker mario i love it

I have super mario maker on my wiiu and i love it now l can make a mario level anytime anywhere with my 3ds I hope that a mario kart 8 maker comes out 1 day
Teen, 13 years old Written bymountaindewbro November 21, 2017

dumbed down port of wii u hit

there is mostly nothing to worry about in this game. some people might upload some foul stuff online but the Nintendo moderators take them down quick. the street pass levels will not get taken down as they are not online, but you can turn it off in parental controls. if your kid likes the Mario series or creating they will have a blast playing this game.

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Kid, 10 years old March 29, 2017

An awesome game for all families!

You get to build super Mario levels! What super Mario fan wouldn't want to build their own course? You can build and play other levels.

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