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Engrossing and action-packed; so much fun for 8+.
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Adult Written byVohaul February 17, 2019

Excellent game!

Probably the best game in the franchise. Very unique compared to the others. Also the last great Paper Mario game. Easy to play because of the traditional controls. The first Mario game I ever beat.

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Parent Written byRoosMom2010 June 12, 2016

You must be able to read

You must be able to read in order to play this game. This is not your standard game of just figuring out the controls. Mission instructions are written .
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 9, 2012


This is a great game to play! Awesome levels,decent animation,cool music,and it's very fun! I LOVE THIS GAME!
Parent of a 2, 10, 14, and 18+-year-old Written bySystemOfANintendo January 11, 2011

Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii)

Great game for all ages. Requires teamwork and problem solving skills. You don't want to skip this one.

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Parent Written byChristian O. November 21, 2009
The experts say this is ON for ages 8 and up. I am questioning if this is so. Nevertheless I must start out clearing out that my son is 7 and will be 8 this coming June (right now we are in November) ,and my son has quite a bit of problems for 2 reasons:
1. As a reviewer said in IGN: "This game is wordy. Really wordy", and so it is.
2. Wordiness might not have been a problem if the vocabulary, I think, might be too advanced for the child.

I mean, I am even skeptical about the game EVEN if the parent is willing to sit with their child and read to them since, as I said before, the vocab can be pretty advanced. I have tested by letting my child play step by step and he gets pretty lost reguarding the HUGE amount of reading.

However, I still have yet to analyze how he gets through the game without reading. I guess that maybe in these areas the parent can actually direct the child as whot to speak to in the game to get a clue as to what to do next.
However, I am unsure how inaccurate my opinion can be. I think it would be VERY helpful if other parents that have this game with children between the ages 7 through 8 would give their opinion would be very helpful to other parents with children this age.
Plus I would love to hear what other moms and dads think.

Anyway, this is not to say that this game is in any way bad. It's really great, challenging, educational (because of the reading), and just plain fun.

Nevertheless, parents that plan to get this game with children younger than 7 should really hold off this one and go for a more suitable one.

I, however, will let my son play ALL by himself for the next few days and I will come back to let you guys know how its going. I also must admit that we just got this game so I find it necessary to come back later on. Maybe I will post it in a week's time.

Cheers to all.

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Adult Written bybag0k April 9, 2008

A fantastic game for all ages

Although this game, like all paper Mario games, is playable by younger audiences, the quirky humor and references to Nintendo classics makes this game worthwhile for anyone who likes puzzles, platformers and fun. The controls are easy and go great with the unique Wii controller.
Parent of a 6 and 9-year-old Written byKelly_P April 9, 2008

Sooooooo much fun!

We love our new Wii and got DH this game for Father's Day. The kids are luvin' it!
Adult Written byalecf April 9, 2008

Fun, innocent, sometimes boring

I borrowed this from a friend and played it a few nights while my wife was away. It was fun to play an updated version of the old Super Mario games, but I did get bored after a while. The storyline is cute, and satisfyingly wierd, but after a while I longed for something a little less silly and a little deeper...

I'm absolutely sure kids will love it though - I loved Super Mario back on the NES. As the story is cute and quite innocent, there's nothing terribly upsetting and the simple storyline will probably appeal to a 8-15 year old. Also, the whole game's story is told with on-screen text - the cartoonish characters' words are just cartoon bubbles above their heads... so there is actually quite a lot to read.
Adult Written bywiiizkewl April 9, 2008

A very unique, but sometimes very frustrating game.

As i say in the title, the game is very unique. you can switch from 2D to 3D as mario, float as peach, or breath fire as bowser. There are many locales in the game that are beutifly drawn in a half and half style of 3d and 2d. The gameplay is solid, but, the later levels, even in some of the earlier levels, it is extrmemly easy to get stuck and not know what to do. Rent first to see if you can take the frustration, but, i do reccomend this game.
Adult Written bypet_lover April 9, 2008