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age 12+

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age 12+

The perfect strategy game for all ages

This is a fantastic game for all ages. I rated 12+ because it is still a war-based game. However, it also makes you think and teaches you how to handle resources. It is hard to say how violent it actually is, because all of the fighting takes place amongst robotic machines controlled by a human commander in a large bipedal walker called an ACU (Armoured Commande Unit). However, the violence does consist of robotic tanks, bombers, walkers, and navy being blown up, smashed and utterly destroyed. It is a great game though, and well worth playing. If you are interested in it, check out the sequel.
age 10+

This game is fine for kids, but this is a highly conplex game that wont exactly "click" with their heads...

This game is quite fine for most ages. I doubt anyone below their "tweens" would get the concept of the game though. (This game requires skill, patience, time, not to mention a gaming PC to master) To those that gave it a bad review, clearly have not played online over GPG net and got their skulls crushed in by an experienced player. The only downside of the game is the skirmish AI. (Which is fixed in the expansion "Forged Alliance") So never come to early conclusions. :P This game DOES however, require a good PC to run, despite the requirements, I'd recommend a 3.0 ghz dual core, 4 gb of ram, and a current generation graphics card. :P
age 10+

Complex but fun strategy game

While Supreme Commander does contain fighting, I don't consider it violent because almost no people are harmed. If your kids can handle mild language such as the D-word, they can handle this game. However, it is not especially an easy game to get into and requires some brainpower to triumph over even the weakest opponent. If your child is good with computers, they can modify the game or download modifications for it, making it a very long lasting game. There are many mods on GPGnet, and they have kept me playing for three years. Lag is an issue with slower computers, but this can be averted by lowering the graphics settings.

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 11+

Demanding,but amazing

Supreme commander is a amazing game. Even though it requires a ultra powerful pc,it is really worth it. Playing it reminded me of one of those non-violent movies as supreme commander has absolutely no blood,and the only death is a gigantic king kong sized robot. I Would not recommend it for younger kids as it is a very complicated game to master as you could fry one of your brain cells just learning it! It had a easy to learn tutorial that got me off from the start. The multiplayer is defiantly for older kids(+14)as i have caught foul chat on there before. In total,supreme commander is a real rewarding game.
not rated for age

Interesting premise, bad game

This game is poorly designed and rather boring, its interesting premise does nothing for it, and on top of it all it requires a high-end pc.