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Game Expands Genre in a Refreshing way

I played Tadpole Treble back when it was only on Steam and Wii U. Back then I thought it was the bee's knees. It was a blast by a comic creator that knew a thing or two about humor, art, and fun (and his brother!). The game returns with an extra level, extra features, and portability now. It's a rhythm game that's a bit different. You play as a tadpole (Baton) able to move freely up and down between the parts of a musical staff as you move automatically forwards or, in one level, backwards. Your goal is to complete levels on the quest to find your way back home. On the way, there are unique challenges and well-designed levels. There are even optional challenges! Unfortunately, in the process, one major feature was cut: The ability to share Composition Mode levels with others via QR codes or otherwise. To be fair, Composition Mode is basically a bare-bones "Mario Maker" style mode that is fun but simple. And you can only save 12 songs at a time. But what is there is brilliant. Short, fun, well-priced and filled with before said optional challenges that extend the fun. You can even be rewarded for deliberately getting the worst possible rank upon completing a level! I highly recommend the game to those who like unique games, rhythm games, or family-friendly games. The music is great (included some fully-voiced tunes (Thunder Creek will be in your head for a while)), and the water is fine.

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