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Adult Written byFreedomFromCens... October 24, 2009

I have given up on the Wii. Games like this shouldn't even exist

Why did you make me waste my $250 Nintendo? Brawl was good...Metroid Prime 3 was awesome...Twilight Princess was cool...but lately I've seen nothing but cheap, kiddy, and/or poorly made games being disgracefully spewed out onto the Wii. The Wii is either now a kids toy or a workout session, it should not be considered a "gaming console" anymore. I bought the Wii when it first came out, expecting Nintendo to release some decent games, and that's what they promised with their "revolutionary" system, but now it is nothing but a kids toy, with the occasional decent game here and there. Please, save yourself the trouble and either get an Xbox360, PS3, or a gaming PC and skip out on this game, and this system. Your kids will thank you. If you are really serious about exercise, GO. OUT. AND. EXERCISE! There is no reason to spend 200 dollars on a fancy workout machine disguised as a console. Unless your kids are really young (Under the age of 8) then avoid the Wii at all costs and avoid wasting 200, plus another 50 for this worthless game.