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Parent of a 12 and 14-year-old Written byThe best dad November 17, 2011

It's a OK

Let me put this to you straight and simple. Skyrim is about exploration and fantasy. I bought this game because my 15 year old wanted it for his birthday. When he put it in his system I decided to watch him play. The game was fantastic! I have never seen anything like it before. However at the time my 13 year old also wanted to play it. I told him he would have to let me see the game played longer by my 15 year old. I have to say after watching my son play the game I told my other son to come in. I told him it would be okay to play because of the fact that Skyrim is such a big game that I seriously doubt that my 13 year old will get to see every bit of the game. The sexual content is at a minimum, The blood is similar to the Halo games, and the drinking thing is just silly. Thank you for reading this review and I hope it helped :) Peace

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Positive role models
Adult Written byColin A. November 13, 2011

First user review not written by either a troll or a younger teen.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to tell you about Skyrim, what it is, what it is about, and the different themes associated with it.

Skyrim is the next installment of Bethesda Softwork's award-winning Role Playing Game series, The Elder Scrolls. It is a game in which a person takes control of a character of their own design (anything from brave Nordic warrior to Cat-Person.) One traverses the open world of Skyrim in search of fame and glory through combat, trade, errands, and diplomacy. I feel that "pause for 13" is a worthy rating for this game, as while many 13 year-olds can certainly handle many of the game's mature themes, it is not always a given.

Let us look through the stuff here, shall we?

Believe it or not dear reader, this game can actually teach a player a good deal about conserving money and bartering, as in the game the character can make many decisions about what to buy, where, and for what reason. This is helped as different stores and vendors offer things at different prices. The player's vocabulary of fantastical words will also be increased, as they will learn words like "tome" or "necromancy". Not that they are particularly useful words or anything.

Role models: The main role-model in the game, is actually the player themselves. They can decide to, ultimately, if they want to smash in the head of an innocent civilian or not. As most games, combat against other blood-thirsty warriors and great beasts is required to play and win the game, but it is up to the player if they want to be a paragon of righteousness and help the weak, or be a really, really big jerk.

Violence: The game almost revolves around violence, but not as much as a game like Call of Duty. The player can choose several different methods of battle to defeat a foe, everything from giant-axe brutality to spewing a torrent of fire out of their hands. As could be expected, the goal of all methods is to kill one's opponent, but magic I have seen is notably less bloody than melee combat. Players can expect to see corpses, skeletons, and mutilated bodies throughout the course of the entire game.

Sexual themes: Minimal but still present. The occasional bit of innuendo here, some cleavage. Characters can appear with most clothing off, this being men in loincloth and girls in their undies.

Language: Not as bad as most games. No F-bombs or swearing in "the name," as it takes place in another world entirely. The "D" word and the "B" word are common place however. Basically any swear that can sound alright said in medieval times.

Themes: It can get pretty strong in this game. Many a time will the player be forced into hard, morally difficult or confusing situations. There is, if the player decides to peruse some schools of magic, a good deal of summoning, the collection of the souls of enemies, and other dark ideas in general.

Addictive factor: Skyrim is an incredible game. It is almost endlessly immersive, and can hold a person's attention for months, literally. There is so much to do and see in the game that there are some people who have played a single character for hundreds of hours in the previous game, Oblivion, just to enjoy all that there is to offer. It goes without saying that Skyrim has even more content, and can utterly consume the life of the player if they have nothing else to do. Be sure your child is not overly-imaginative in the way that they would blur fantasy and reality together, as this is one of those games.

Overall: Skyrim is an excellent game for anyone who can take the mature themes and still enjoy them, along with playing it in moderation. If not, it could lead to an escapist attitude toward life in general, as the player would much rather play Skyrim than enjoy the charms of reality. Be sure to know your child if you allow them to play it.

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Educational Value
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byMortedicalpo January 23, 2019

The Actual Truth From a Hard Core Gamer

Some of these reviews are obviously made by parents that just kind of glanced at it while the kid played, so here's one from someone who has spent over 120 hours playing it. This game is probably something I'd even play around kids, but not something I'd let them play by themselves until they got a little older depending on their curiosity level. The reason why being exactly how immersive this game truly is. I've been playing this game since it came out back in 2011 (it is currently 2019 while I make this post) and I have still not seen everything there is to see in the game. Now, that makes for a terrific game, but it also makes it very difficult to put a real rating on it. You are never confident that the kids will not find something that is truly not for the eyes of children. The main story line, which is something kids are likely to stick on, has violence and smash talk, and that is it. The violence is unrealistic (you see blood, but it...just play the game, you'll see what I mean) and mostly directed towards creatures that are considered evil and you find main characters slaying in children's fairy tails - skeletons, dragons, ghosts, vampires, etc. However, two of the guilds have frequent killing of actual playable races and your character is also kind of forced to choose a side in the civil war (insert more smash talk). These people are also considered evil. Everything else, you have to seriously look for.

Sexual content: getting married, there is none. Playing the game, there is none. Curiously running around all the holds and collecting books for your library, however, and you can pick up books that have erotic literature. The most well known of these being the book "The Lusty Argonian Maid". So like I said, depending on how curious your child is and how likely they are to truly look around and immerse themselves in the lore, this game might not be for them.

The swearing in the game is pretty much just lore. They don't say the F bomb, but are likely to call other races names because of the blatant racism. These names are all kid friendly, like "cat" and "lizard". You might get the S word of the D word every once in a while, but they are few and far between, and let's be can talk to your kid about language a lot easier than some other things we'd like to shelter them from.

The drug in the game is skooma. Unless they really looked into the lore, they're not likely to even understand it's anything but juice. The previous games in the elder scrolls series is actually what made me know that skooma was an illegal drug, because the previous games are much more obvious about it. Skyrim, however, is not. You just kind of find it and somewhere along the line hear "maybe don't try to sell that stuff". End of drugs. The alcohol is a lot more prevalent. You can walk into breweries, pick up ale, etc. There is one quest where you get drunk and had a wild night, but everything is just kind of hinted and you don't actually witness anything bad.

I hope this makes it easier to decide. I would've been able to play this game at 8 years old and never even come close to seeing any of the things I mentioned today. Mostly because 8 year olds don't realize they can run away from the main story line and play side stuff. It's likely to go straight over their heads. But for some kids who are a little more mature and curious? Perhaps wait until they're in high school.
Adult Written byredfoxboots April 16, 2013

Amazing game! Not for ages 14 or below.

I am 17 years old, and I have been playing skyrim for about a year now. It is by far one of my favorite games, and perhaps Bethesda's greatest work yet. It has tons of quests and story lines that change your game completely, your every action affecting your outcomes. That being said, I do not find it appropriate for children or even young teens. While some gameplay can be safe for a younger audience to watch, there are many quests that can warp a child or young teen. You may not see this in the beginning of the game, or even in the first 10 or so hours. Draugrs, for example, may frighten children under 12. They are like walking mummies in the movies, only more graphic. Dark brotherhood quests can be extremely disturbing, and could honestly bother some 15 or 16 year olds. It is rather violent, given the fact that you can kill just about anyone in the game, and there are many you must kill. The game may seem okay when for younger gamers when you're just above ground, killing wolves, but when you start exploring tombs, keeps, and other complex quests, there is too much content that is not at all appropriate. There are entire quests centered on necromancy, or raising the dead, for example. These types of quests make up the entire game, so please consider that. Also, there is torture in the game. The dark brotherhood has their very own torture chamber, complete with torture victims. I believe there are other quests with torture, but I have not gotten to those yet, as there are hundreds of quests. The language is very mild, but there is some. That is up to the decision of the parents on how appropriate the language is. There is some drinking, but no more than what is seen in real life. Each town has a drunk or two. There is a drug, skooma, which your character can become addicted to. It is sold by khajiits, taken from bandits, prisoners, ect. Skooma is also illegal in skyrim, so it represents real drugs. There are a couple of references to bondage and some scantily clad women, but there is not too much obvious sexual content. There is one mission in riften where the dragonborn must find a woman's married sexual partners and confront her about them. In the quest, you can find a note labeled "until next time" vaguely and laughably describing one of her encounters. You can also find a book by her bedside called "the lusty argonian maid" which is sarcastic and most children would not understand it. I do not find this game at all suitable for children 14 and under. If your child is under 11, I would not suggest allowing them to see you, or their older siblings, playing this game. Ages of 15 and 16 are arguable, and parents should carefully decide whether their child is mature enough for it at those ages. Also, if your teen has a violent nature, you may want to bring that into consideration. It is rated M for a good reason, and while it may seem innocent at first, there are far too many things that can be seen in the hundreds of hours of gameplay that are not for kids. However, for older teens, given they are mature, it can help to increase decision making skills. Many of the events are references to actual historical events and people. It may help to bring a better understanding of history and society. Be careful if your teen is easily immersed, because even I find myself wanting to press a button to collect a flower or mushroom, or holding up my "magic" if I get startled. It is very easy to get lost in skyrim, feeling like it is reality. Overall Skyrim is an amazing game, but please wait until your child is 15 before even considering it for them. Again, some content in skyrim is fine, but there are a lot of quests that would be terrible for a child to stumble upon. If you aren't willing to go through at least 50 hours of gameplay to figure this out, please do not ignore the rating system and reviews of people who have played much of the game. And do not listen to reviews of kids who should not even been playing this game. Most of them haven't played enough to know all of the content.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byBurtonid January 5, 2014

Accurate skyrim review. In's and out's!

I find a lot of the other reviewers have inaccurate reviews with things written that aren't very true. This is the best game I have ever played and I think people need to play this but need accurate info about it first.................

Sex-First of all I have never seen any nudity or sex depicted and can't think of one time when there was even a reference to sex. You can get married in the game. Also I know that if the game is being played on a PC there are mods available that make NPCs nude but that would have to be sought out then installed to actually see. Overall sex and nudity is a 0/10.....................

Drugs/ Alcohol- the use of drugs and alcohol is very minimal. I've ran into a skooma dealer twice in my 650+ hrs of gameplay. Also there is one quest where you can go into a cabin in the woods and see people under the influence of it. Also there is wine or mead or ale for sale at some places but the only quest where you can actually get drunk is where you have a drinking contest. Overall anything involving drugs or alcohol is such a minimal part of the game that it is barely noticeable. 2/10 at worst................

Swearing - swearing is barely noticeable as there is only about 3 swear words through the entire game and even then it's only words like d*mn, sh*t, and b*tch instead of c**t, c**k, or f**k.....................

Magic/occult/gods - there is extensive use of magic in skyrim and it would be hard to do anything in skyrim without seeing one of these things. On the other side of this you don't have to use magic yourself and don't have to become a vampire or a werewolf. You could also play the game as a good Mage or a person that fights evil creatures and makes the world better. There are many quest that involve magic or occult but many are avoidable. Overall this category is 8/10 this category only really matters to religious people though or people that want to avoid these type of things................

Violence - violence is unavoidable in almost every quest although most of the time you can chose to only do quest where you kill monsters and animals not humans. Also blood can be turned off in the settings or less violent methods can be used in the game such as ice spells instead of swords and "shouts" (Fus Ro Dah) (Yol) instead of bows. Overall Violence is 7/10 normally and 3or4/10 if you avoid killing humans and use less violent methods..................

Morals- this is where it gets difficult. Depending on the path you choose the morals could be a good influence or a bad. For example you could join the dawnguard and keep the world free from vampires and save people or you could become a vampire lord yourself and kill people yourself. Also there are some pretty gritty quests like the ring of nimira quest that has to do with cannabilism and the dark brotherhood quest line... Although I think that in both cases you can chose to appose and destroy these organizations/cults or join them. I know that I have done a play through as a good character and as a bad one making completely different decisions. I think that this really depends on the kid that is playing and how mature they are. Overall I would rate morals 5/10...............

OVERALL - skyrim can be pretty gritty at some points but can often be avoided. Sex and drugs are extremely minimal. If you play the game like its meant to then its 6.5/10 for overall 'badness' but this can be tamed in many ways and be lowered to 4/10. This game really isn't that bad for any mature kid over 10. Also kids (or adults) with addictive personalities are probably best to stay away from this game or at least have their time monitored as it is one of the most addictive games I have ever played or that I know of. It has taken years from my life playing it over and over again. (I know I have at least 650 hrs+ on separate machines and have friends that are even worse than me).................

I hope this review helped you make an informed decision and sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors as I'm writing this pretty late at night. Ps. This game is meant to have a 5 star rating but my ipad is glitching and will only let me do 4 star for some reason. :)

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byZachBore December 26, 2011

Relax its fine for kids

This game is kinda violent but this is not realistic like call of duty. In call of duty you are killing other humans, while in skyrim you are mostly killing other creature but not with guns and all that. This game is fine for kids.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written bySki J. November 19, 2016


I Love this. My ten year old son and I will always sit down with him and watch him play it. I love the gameplay. Its Fine. Not 18+
Adult Written byJames Elclins November 19, 2020

Great for almost teens and up!

I was sceptical about letting my child play a 18+, oh was I surprised why it was rated 18+ it has barely anything bad in it! Just the Violence which if your kid is not scarred by these things it’s 100% fine for them! That’s why I think anything under 12 would get scared by the violence but if your child is mature enough it’s fine.
And that Alcohol things is absolute rubbish!

But really going from one parent to another this is fine to let your 12+ kid play.
Adult Written byJack Frost 89 December 2, 2011


WARNING! This game is not bad at all!
Okay, for this game, you may say "Oh, I won't let my kid play that, just because it is rated M!"
Well, you're wrong.
This game, in itself, is not bad. The only thing that will actually be bad for a child is violence. If your child has played any Battlefield or Call of Duty game (rated t versions, Like Bad Company or World at War), they will not blink at this game. I will give the ESRB some slack. They have to take in to account everything that can harm children. Ever had your kid watch Lord of the Rings? Well, in the game, there is a drinking contest playable. The sex? Girls wear shirts, and somebody mentions it a few times. The Violence and Gore? Unless your kid is queasy, they will not even be affected by this. The gore level is very low. The blood? Not a big deal. I am a parent that is very over protective, I will admit it. Before this, my child has only played rated T games. In all honesty, this is heis first taste. He is thirteen. I have been very against blood and killing, because I think that it will affectmy kid's morality. He may think that killing is not a bi deal, or any thing that is bad. But this game, it FROWNS upon killing. Yes, that is right. It punishes you for killing. Your character can be arrested or killed in punishment, and it will affect the happiness of people around you. People that are in the game can stop trusting you as well. This game is so dense, it will blow you away. I bought it, and I played it a week before I let my son try. He loved it. If you have a mature 13 year old of an immature 15 year old, they can handle it, even if they are looked upon as your little baby. Buy it. They'll love it. I am saying this from a strict parent stand point. I would never let my kid play if I had not sampled it, but compared to madern war games, The blood level is low. MW3? GORY!!! Ask your kid if they have played those. If they have, this game will be perfect for them. If they want it, then get it. It is a great game, and it is acceptable for teens. This site frowns upon anything. Both Batman games and the entire Uncharted series are listed at 16. I would let my 8 year old boy play them. He loves super heroes, and he likes the Uncharted games. BUY IT! IT IS VERY ACCEPTABLE!!!

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byPvt. Sokolva November 27, 2011

Moral Decisions: Scary, but Important

Among the games of today Skyrim is the rarest kind of jewel. It is an experience that should be had by anyone who loves video games, and the story-line, moral choices, character development, atmosphere, and sheer gorgeous beauty of the world you are exploring make this game one of the best I have ever played. As a hard core gamer all of my life, I look at this game as a once-in-a-decade occurance. It is unique, it is individual (a very rare thing in games that are becoming increasingly fixated on only the multiplayer experience) and it is beautiful.
But that's not the point. I am a young adult, after all, and this game, as a M Rated game, is targeted towards me and middle to older teens. Is this game appropriate for children? In some ways possibly more so than most M rated games. In other ways, it is not so much inappropriate as perhaps over younger children's heads.
This game is a very difficult game. It has difficulty settings, of course, but the complexity of the world and the problems the character is presented with, the sheer vastness of an entire land to explore and dozens of quests to fullfill, make this game a likely bewildering experience to many children younger than 12, and only if those twelve year olds are experienced or fairly experienced gamers. There is a way of thinking that goes along with experience with games, and they will need critical thinking skills, trial and error, patience, and technical skill to be successful at this game. While it is extremely rewarding to wander into the wilderness of Skyrim, weak and practically defenseless and without knowing anything about the world you are entering, I entered that world as an experienced and confident gamer, and suspect that the experience would be overwhelming to younger children who do not have much experience with video games. There are just so many things to do, become, try.
Which brings us to the moral choices dilemma. It is true that in Skyrim, you can choose to become anything from the noblest man or woman to ever walk to earth, to the lowest, cruelest, piece of scum. There are many levels of gradation, unlike many games in which the good/evil moral choice aspect is presented in a way that makes you either totally good or absolutely bad. For example, you could choose to save a man from a bandit's onslaught, and yet pickpocket random people on the street. You can donate your money to homeless beggars, and then join an assassin group and kill for money. There are many moral choices in this game. To many to count. And that is why I think, in the end, this game is better than a game in which you are forced to play by default, a completely good hero or a mean antihero (as in the Grand Theft Auto games).
The kind of moral choices in Skyrim can seem scary. After all, what if your child chooses to play as the worst kind of character, a merciless killer, who would kill innocent men and women on the street to rob them of their money? First of all, the fighting in this game is far less violent than most games now days. There is a little spurt of blood, and then the body falls, completely intact (unless it is beheaded, and even then, the animation is nothing that most 12 year olds haven't seen worse of in movies or on TV). Some people I know play the game in this way and find in enjoyable. But many other people find an excersize in morality, as they try to become a genuinly good person and make decisions that will benefit those around them. It means more to be a hero in Skyrim, because you can choose not to. IT means more to choose not to lie, to choose to help someone who needs it, to choose to make a character who embodies some aspect of how you would hope to live. But at the end of the game, the character is just a character and the world is just a world. RPG's can teach us things about ourselves, and Skyrim is one such obsticle course through which we can practice steering our morality.
So this is my recommendation:seriously question whether this game is appropriate for your child if they are under 13 and not an experienced gamer. However, if the kid is 16 and older, this game might just end up being their favorite game ever.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byTom Molloy February 28, 2019

Vanilla is great for kids but be careful of adult mods.

The game as is fine for kids, mods on console are also fine. But if your child has his/her own PC be careful of mods that are off an adult nature. When I say this under stand this has nothing to do with the game developers as anyone can add anything to the game if they know how. Literally anything. Nude body mods, ultra violence, new dialogue containing swears or even sex animations. So make sure your child isn't installing those mods. The Nexus mod site has plenty of family friendly mods so don't freak out if your kid wants to mod the game just be sure YOU read the mod description first and know what's being added otherwise what ever has been said by other parents here won't matter as it will have a completely different rating depending on what's been added.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Ease of Play
Adult Written bySergio M. September 18, 2018

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is a fantasy role-playing game in which players assume the role of Dovakin, a prophesied figure with the power to combat dragons in the fictional world of Skyrim. As players traverse through mountainous "open-world" environments, they complete missions and quests that impact the eventual fate of their character. Players use swords, bows and arrows, axes, and magic attacks (e.g., fireballs, ice shards) to kill various enemies (e.g., wolves, dragons, human bandits and soldiers). As players engage in melee-style combat, some sequences are highlighted by slow-motion effects, particularly for decapitations. Large blood-splatter effects also occur during combat, and some environments are stained with blood or body parts (e.g., heads impaled on spikes). Some sequences allow players to injure/kill nonadversary characters, including prisoners chained to a wall; they scream in pain amid splashes of blood or fire. As the game progresses, the dialogue and on-screen text contain references to sexual material (e.g., “. . . all the whores your heart, or any other organ, desires,” “She . . . raped the men as cruelly as Bal had ravished her,” and “Remember when you thought [he] was . . . intent on making you . . . into his personal sex slave?”). Alcohol such as wine, mead, and ale can be purchased and consumed by players' character throughout the game; in one sequence, players can engage in a drinking contest with another character, which eventually results in slurred speech (e.g., “One more. No problemsh . . . Thash grape!”).

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byStephen22 July 7, 2013

Great for 12 and up!

This is a fantastic game. I have watched my 12 year old play it and it seems amazing, I don't know how this got rated 18+. Any teenager can play this and most 12 year olds can play it. The main thing is the violence. There are axes and swords and magical things, lots of battle, nothing crazy, though. The violence is similar to the level of The Lord of The Rings. Some people are talking about sexual content, that's hardly an issue, sexual content is very low. The worst you can find is mild innuendo. You may find some people half naked but it's pretty much like being at a pool. If your child has been to a pool then the sexual content isn't a problem. The language isn't bad, not anything a 12 year old doesn't know in fact most 10 year olds actually use the language. The worst I found was the 'D' word. Some people say that there is a 'B' word somewhere in the game, didn't find that, though. It's also an amazing game, the graphics are beautiful, fun quests, big world to explore lots of nice towns and cities, wherever you go there's always something fun, the story is great, too. There is also some alcohol but that's hardly an issue. There is beer and wine but what 12 year old has never heard of that. Drugs are also present. There is a fictional drug in the game called Skooma or something, nothing bad, though. I'm sure all kids know what drugs are.

Basically the only thing you need to worry about is the violence, if your child is afraid of dragons and has nightmares from scary things then it's not for them.

If your child goes to school then they know all of the above, I've heard kids making violent jokes and things like that. A great game for 12 and up. Buy this game for your teenager/preteen! They will love it! I rate this 5/5

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byoverprotectiveparent December 9, 2011

this game is totally overrated and appropriate to anyone 11 and above

This game is not at all violent the only blood or gore that you get is when you are fighting but it disappears very quickly, if I were the manager of this game it would only be like an 11+ issue. And there is very very mild sexual content. And the kind of sexual content you do here is just about marrying and leading a happy life with your life partner.

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bycsi guy November 26, 2011

not bad

this is an amazing game with not much violence, all it is is a hit then spray of obviously fake blood. There is no sex, only the occasional talk about it, and even that's hard to find. there is nothing remotely wrong with this game, and anyone over 12 should be allowed to play it
Adult Written byParentThatCares November 20, 2011

Ok for 13 and up.

This is a very fun game. It is very entertaining and can also be educational. In this game you have the freedom to make choices. Know your kid. If you have a mature responsible kids over the age of 12 it should be fine. There is nothing I wouldn't trust my 12 year old with. There is violence and very small amounts of sexual content. But it is very rare and is very mild. Nothing kids this age can't handle.

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byChristineSoccer123 May 13, 2021

An Honest Review From A Mother of 2!

So, this game is rated M for Mature. That's wrong on so many levels.

My son, 15 at the time, asked me if he could buy this game. Now, I looked at it and was a bit skeptical so I did a bit of research. He got the game the next day. Relax, this game is fine for kids.

If your child has matured past fifth grade I think this game will be fine. It is a violent game, yes, but nothing worse that the Lord of The Rings series. Most of the time you are slaying beasts and not humans.

This game does have some swears hidden in there, but nothing your child hasn't heard before. If you let your kids watch Marvel superheroes movies they'll be able to handle this no problem.

Drugs and alcohol? It's a fantasy game, of course there'll be potions and ale, things you often see in teen rated games.

And, of course, the adult content. Probably the main reason parents are skeptical about this wonderful game. However, my boys have played this game countless times and I've even watched then play some, and we've never seen anything not safe for young boys. I did a bit of research, and the main reason I've found this game to be rated M is because of mods, which are essentially downloadable content for games. Some of these mods include content that would not be good for young boys. However, these mods all are either scams that will do nothing, or have been erased from the internet. Also, mods are hard to download. Like, really hard.
You can also get married in this game, but that's about it. If you explored every single library and town in this game, the worst you'll find is a piece of literature with swear words. Nothing bad.

In conclusion, this game is great for mature kids ages 12+

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written bySydelleGiovanna1050 May 13, 2021

Honest review from a mother of 2.

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byEdStonewall March 2, 2021

Amazing game

So ill start off with a very quick overview and get deeper in, I'm 20 years old but have been playing this game since I was 10, the reason why I boosted the age above when i started playing is because I think someone who is under 12 would not understand some of the more complex mechanics in how the game works, nothing mature but just things that they wouldn't understand making the experience worse for them and the other reason is that when i was 10 playing the game there was some enemies that did scare me such as the draugr which are sort of embalmed dead warriors.

Sex and nudity there is none, most you get on people is underwear, there is a woman's bedroom in the game who has a animal tusk under it and that has shackles on the headboard but these are things that the person playing would only understand as sexual if they were aware of what they are used for already, you are able to marry in the game (same sex couple too although there are none in the game by default) and when you sleep in the same bed as your wife or husband you get a black screen and then when you wake you get a status effect called "lovers comfort" which can be rationally determined to be an innuendo for sex however you see no breasts or anything of that sort. there are books in the game that mention sex out of the ones on the top of my head there are "Notes on Racial Phylogeny" which mentions sex in a scientific way like a biology class would, "the lusty argonian maid v1 & 2" and grouped with it "the sultry argonian bard" Argonians are a race of lizard folk in the game series and these books are erotic novels however they do not use graphic detail only making innuendos like "putting a loaf in her oven" and "polishing his spear". Rape is mentioned a couple times in the game there is a man in a town who mentions that a soldier attempted to sexually assault his daughter, there's a type of vampire called a daughter of coldharbour and one of the main characters in the dawngaurd DLC is one of these and their creating involves being sexually assaulted by one of the Demon kings in the game however you do not see this and it isn't even explicitly stated that that's what happened just subtly told. there is a Goddess of sex but its loving sex and the description is always left at intimacies or the Dibellan arts. I will add a caveat to this in that both Nude and Sex mods are attainable but only on PC and someone under the age of 14 may struggle to even understand how to download them, they are not supported by the creators of the game and are created by other players who have skills in creating new textures in other programs that are not involved in skyrim so if your child has it on PC just check their game if you worry about nude mods the easiest way to check this would be to remove the clothes or armour off of a dead female in the game or off a female player character.

other than the mild sexual themes there is some bad language B*stard is said once or twice, B*tch too, no F bombs or S bombs damn is said often but that's not bad language where I live but I know some people don't like it. Rape is used as a term to refer to how one group exploits silver mines in a region of the game but this is literally said once in a specific line of dialogue which is easy to miss. the only other type of swearing that is used are things like "By the Nine" or "By the Gods" but these Gods are all things created by the game makers and are not real Gods in any culture, they are however real in the games universe.

the Violence is pretty standard and cartoonish the worst that there is would be the two beheadings that are seen in game as executions but the texture is just a low quality pink flesh and there's minimal blood. when using a Melee weapon that will become bloodstained in combat but a small amount and it looks more like a thick reddish sauce than real blood.

There are immoral groups in the game and different sides you can join some of which are more explicitly evil than the others. there is a civil war in the game and you can choose which side to join and fight for, there is a guild of noble warriors which turn out to be werewolves there's a mages college you can join to learn more magic, there is an assassin guild that you can join in the game too and this does involve in the murder of some innocent people, and there is a guild of thieves however they do tend to be a bit more robin hood than anything else. in the dawngaurd DLC there is some more evil things as you can become a vampire and drink peoples blood and in their castle the vampires have human cattle but this is a choice the player makes as they can join the holy warrior order to kill the vampires.

all in all its a great game and has kept me entertained for a decade there are some complex mechanics that a younger audience my struggle to grasp and some adult themes that some more middling ages teens would get but nothing about this game is overt or explicit.

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Adult Written byzizen February 12, 2021

1980s Classic Fantasy that doesn't end. Good Clean Fun.

I've played this game several times. If you play it with your kid it can be a good bonding/learning time. Complex choices, consequences, and logic. Be patient. It's good. Nothing beyond the capabilities of a basic reader.