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The Escapists 2

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Entertaining but...

It's entertaining and strategic for kids but has a little bit of dirty comments such as "That guard is perving on you!" speech bubble while in the shower room. No positive morals within game since the whole idea of the game is escaping prison.
age 7+

The Escapists 2

I cannot rate this game as I myself have not played it, so I took my 13 year old's advice, on how much he enjoyed it and he gave it 4 stars (5 stars are masterpieces like The Last of Us according to him) However, I have watched himn play, and while it isn't the most fun to watch, I can see him having difficulty with him and how innapropriate it is. There is VERY mild violence, which is not a problem for any age really. There is the odd bit of innuendo that will go right over your child's head if they're too young. However this is a difficult game, boosting it from a 5+ to a 7or8+. VIOLENCE: (2/10) Very mild, unrealistic, cartoony violence, fine for 5 year olds. LANGAUGE: (1/10) No swearing but mild innuendo SEX: (1/10) There is innuendo and characters can be shown half naked, and comments will be made, never being too innapropriate, but some comments are made, especially during the shower period. ANYTHING ELSE: (0/10) Except negative role models, there is no other remotely innapropriate content.
age 6+

It’s a PEGI 7 in the UK, consider that.

The Esacpists is great, I’m not going to go in depth but unrealistic, bloodless, infrequent fantasy violence, maybe not good role models but you can tell by the dialogue and the cutesy graphics that it was intended for kids with a few references for adults stuck in the room while their kids play. It’s good and kid friendly so give it a try. This game is always the example I’ll give my friends to show that csm is too strict
age 11+

It a good game

When my daughter wanted to play this I was skeptical. I never let her play a game without me playing first and so I did. Unlike most of the games she plays I found this fun. Yes it is a little violet but me and my daughter plays Minecraft and it’s not any more violent then that. It’s fun and you have to be strategic. I would recommend this game to everyone (except for people under 11)
age 9+

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