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The Escapists

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age 16+

Can't believe this game is for kids...

age 14+

Not for younger kids

This game has a lot of glorified violence toward other "in-mates" and Security Guards. You have to make weapons to "protect" yourself, and there is very suggestive talk through out especially in the shower. Not a great game for the younger kids.

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Too much violence
age 7+

Best game i have ever played

The Escapists is just a fun strategy game. There is little violence, except for other prisoners and guards beating you up when you've done something wrong or they just don't like you. It is so fun i cannot even describe it. This game is a must buy!

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Easy to play/use
age 9+

Patience is a virtue

This game is fun, if you are patient. I stopped playing the game after awhile due to boredom and frustration. There are a few movie references which are very funny but overall good game just know your kid.

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Easy to play/use