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Groundhog day, but a video game... and set in ancient Rome!

You're set back in time to ancient Rome, to an underground city, of which no-one knows the way out, if one person sins everyone dies, but you can restart the day all over again, keeping everything you gained last time. So basically, don't be an idiot and you'll be fine. It's an incredibly fun game, with lots to explore. However there are horror elements, but it allows you to decline them, there's also several mentions of sex throughout the game and there are some depictions of genitals, they also swear sometimes, but it's in Latin, so unless your kid cares enough to translate it or speaks Latin you should be fine.

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Easy to play/use
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 15+

Good But Can Be Disturbing and/or Creepy

In all, it’s a really good game about a quaint Roman town where if one person sins, everything is destroyed unless you go through a time portal. It is slightly creepy, as statues dotted around the place turn their heads towards you when you are not looking. Their is also a particular quest in which the game becomes almost a horror game (hence the PEGI 16 rating) it is optional whether or not to do this quest, but if you do there is a lot of gore and scariness. The quest is called ‘The Gilding’ and *SPOILER WARNING* it involves a woman removing the outside of the golden statues in order to try and free them from their prison, but because they are real people made into gold, she is basically flaying them alive, and gore is shown. They also attack you in order to have you kill them, and thank you when you do, so the game takes a shockingly dark turn here. However, the rest of the game is mainly harmless, and suitable for 13+, as long as this quest is avoided. There is a mention of rape and some explicitly worded graffiti, but nothing else.

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Too much violence