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The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

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This is the greatest hulk game created in my opinion it's a stress reliever picking up cars and turning them into boxing glove or skateboarding with a city bus the villains are incredible all from the comics but the best part is the story it's another cure the hulk story but this is would make Stan lee proud .
age 10+

Awsome game!!!

This Game is one of/ if not the best superhero game ever. This game is pretty violent, there is cars and people flying every, you can play human baseball and tons and tons of explosions. The hulk is not a very good role model and might be scary for kids under 8-10. There is also some mild language in the game like a*** and cr*p.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 13+

its the perfect hulk game but not suitable fpr younger kids

well i bought this a couple years after it came out and it proved to be an extremely fun game, but it just bothered me how you could brutally kill humans, i mean i thought it was funny how you could pat them on the head and BOOM!!!! you could smash them right where they stand. i loved the game though, i mean what is cooler than soaring through the air at high speeds as the incredible hulk???? i think its one of those superhero games that are the best around to get, but i would not, NOT reccomend this for young kids at all.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 8+


it is one of the best t rated games ever i guess kids can do it 8 years old
age 9+

This game is the greatest!!!

This game is one of the best T rated games ever made besides guitar hero! If you like to smash stuff but you never can in real life try this game because you can smash all you want. I worn you though this game gets harder and harder. You just have to work at it and you will get it.So go buy the game.