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Fascinating, dark but compelling action RPG game.
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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byCaleb_Mitchell May 26, 2009

Amazing game, IF you're patient & have 0 anger issues.

Okay, I have to say this is an amazing game. It's 100% original, very brilliant, very's just amazing! BUUUUUT, it has some issues. For starters, it is EXTREMELY difficult. As you can set your own difficulty level at any time in the game, & change it at your will, this shouldn't be a tremendous problem, but it is. Here's why: though you can set the game to easy-peasy, you really will get no benefits for doing this. Item collection is essential throughout this game, & your chances of getting items from defeated enemies drops as the difficulty level does. Therefore, to get the best items you really should play it on the harder difficulty levels, but this makes the game darn near impossible, especially on the bosses. It is also extremely long, & if you're a gamer like me, & you want to complete every aspect of a game, this will take FOREVER. As for appropriateness, this is a pretty iffy game. The language is pretty brash, tons of uses of A**, h*ll, d*mn, & a couple uses of b*tch & godd***. The suggestive themes are very noticeable, which is unusual for a hand-held game; almost every girl in the game has mass cleavage. As far as violence goes though, it's pretty standard fantasy violence (e.g. heavy violence, but no blood). Overall I'd probably say 13+ like the ESRB said.
Parent Written byWalt L January 13, 2015

One of the best RPG's EVAH!

Why do good games (and anime) like this only come from Japan? Are Americans that scared of dealing with serious issues? On to the game: This is hands-down one of the best stories I've seen in any game, on any platform. You have to play through the game twice to really understand it (you get more information through 'reports' you find when you start a new game+). Yes, there's language, but nothing a ten or twelve year old doesn't hear on the playground every day. The "message" is simple and powerful, but not all that obvious at first glance (or maybe I'm just getting slow in the uptake at my age). You define the limits of your world. The World Ends With You.
Adult Written byStarZero January 13, 2010
An EXELLENT game. Very good storyline, engaging characters and (for once, out of the games that claim it) a unique control system-you control two sepoate characters, one on each screen. It is fairly dark, at points, but if you think the kid can handle, there's no problem. In any case, it may be okay for young-ish kids, but you can see someone enjoying it as old as 20.