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Adult Written byvoiceofreason April 9, 2008

Excellent FPS with (for once) great dialogue and characters.

This is coming from a person who does not like first person shooters: Timesplitters: Future Perfect is an excellent game with tight control, fun gameplay, funny dialogue, and enjoyable characters. The time-travelling storyline allows settings and weaponry ranging from revolvers in the '20s (1920's) to laser rifles in the '20s (2420's), which makes for great variety. I haven't played it online (I have a GameCube, and "gamers do not want online gaming" -Satoru Iwata), but I've played other games on the 'net with my girlfriend's PS2. I don't understand how anyone could have a problem with children doing this; the only damage other players can do to you while playing is to your character or to your pride as a gamer, and both heal fast enough. Also, though I agree StarFox Assault is an excellent game, it's not a FPS in any way; please stop calling it one.
Adult Written byMacintyre April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytwolf2012 April 9, 2008

a good game but might not be approprite

I personaly like this game story Shooting are good and mixed well to make the game feel like its going to last forever and it dose. but you should know that this is a voilet game and can be scary and gross but if your 13 and up check it out its not bad.
Adult Written bylunaina April 9, 2008