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Parent of a 11 year old Written bymckbran August 5, 2012

how bad it really is

I think that the game is not as bad as what you might think. It dose have violence and as much blood as the first Ghost Recon (rated teen). The cussing is ok in my standers because I herd worse on a PG movie (A Bridge to Far). I think you should caution on some parts but after that I think it is okay. I am 11 years old.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Adult Written byMOVIE BEAST July 20, 2012


Im 13 and I have Grand Theft Auto IV, getting GTA V, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield 3, and i dont care about gore or language! ive played thes games since age 9! Games r here for ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN! When will the parent community stop ruining games! Yes it does teach u sumtin, it teaches u how 2 strategise & plan. Especially in Battle field 3, and Black Ops Zombies.
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Great messages
Parent Written bygimmickdude May 26, 2012

great game, for teens

Great game. Involves lots of language including the occaisional F**k but nothing a teenager hasn't heard. there is some blood when enemies are shot but it is not as bad as most mature shooters. note I only put learning in the rating becuse it requires players to use tactics rather than a head on attack like in most current shooters. Beyond requiring players to think through problems it does not apply.
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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent Written byLivinCrnb232 July 27, 2015

Ghost recon

ghost recon has been a way more toned down game and always set in the future. 1. very little violence 2. future 3. cool gadgets. let anyone above 10 play this
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Easy to play/use
Parent Written bySignUpWithFacebook July 29, 2015

honest review

Good game for 10 and up! not too violent lots of new tech for the future game. Parents not to worry Because ghost recon future solider isnt as bad as you would think!
Parent Written byJoeJack234 July 29, 2015

Good non gritty game

for people who dont want really really violent games for thier kids let them have this. Great for $5 at gamestop and gameover
Parent Written byfdioasjoif July 27, 2015

Future you must understand!

Very fun game, it is based in the future with tons of gadgets and veichles you would NEVER see today. not too violent at all. appropriate for 9 and up. also good role models
What other families should know
Great role models
Parent Written byArbuz_volk June 14, 2016

Original ghost recon was better!

Ghost Recon: Future soldier is i fun game to play through in co-op! i played through with my son online multiple times. has split screen survival if you want to get some butt buddies over. BUT! my son and myself agree that the first ghost recon was more enjoyable to play we often play over game ranger. it forces you to work together and NO REGENERATING HEALTH! thats the selling point for me. but if you want a cheap war game for your kids get GRAW/GRAW if they already have that then get them this. GRAW has 4 player split screen so i recommend it.
Parent Written byksnadlkm July 29, 2015

Christian review

My son is 10 years old he loves video games, i dont like all the violence in video games, but this game is a ghost recon it is one of the least violent series out there I believe. it is set in the furture. lots of cool gadgets and just a fun time. another thing is thier isnt any bad messages its rather positive. Let any one 10 and up play this game.
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Great messages
Parent Written bykmckascmxkamsc July 29, 2015

Super unrealistic

not very violent has split screen so you can do that with friends.future shooter similar to the halo series that describes this game.
Parent Written byklcxjnakjscn July 27, 2015

M rated but no violent

Great game good role models! ghost recon is way less violent series than other let your son play this! also some learning involved. bearly and blood. great for 4.99.
Parent Written bygffcgtc July 27, 2015


good game cool gadgets fun. not to worry about this one parents. BEARLY violent. good for 10 and up! good alternative to other violent games (Order 1886)
Parent Written byKDR898 July 27, 2015

Great game for 11 and up!

a good time. not very violent fun and good messages. im a parent and i dont like tons of violence so i got my son this!
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Great role models