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Trials Fusion

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age 7+

A simple game, like the ones I played as a child.

This game is rather simple. You drive a motorcycle across various routes in a side-scroller fashion. This can make motorcycling seem safer than it really is, hence the 7 and up mark. When the player falls off a cliff or lands badly, he falls humorously. As long as your child understands these concepts, it would even be suitable for toddlers. I deducted one star because on some courses, only one bike can be used to complete the course.

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Easy to play/use
age 10+

Platforming & racing combined!!

This is a really addictive and entertaining game! It has great level designs, awesome gameplay, and some nice humor! The replay value here is to try to beat your original best score, even though it may take a while to try to beat it cause the levels get harder and more challenging as the game moves on. But that is a good thing, cause it makes the game more playable and fun! It may get frustrating to try to race through those really hard stages, but it's worth trying to figure them out! Overall, it is a fun experience, mixing both platforming and racing!

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence