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Prehistoric shooter filled with blood, gore.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byBaal April 9, 2008


THIS GAME SUX, but it's not an issue
Teen, 16 years old Written byDzanderX July 27, 2010

An original yet average first person shooter full of blood.

An alright and original first person shooter. Pretty violent with a lot of blood. Not really worth more then 10 dollars. Which is what I paid for it.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byTdrazor April 9, 2008

wow this is good

this game is the bloodyis game but its cool
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

This game stinks

It has some awsome new very-realistic-features alot of other PS3 games don't have but still this game is not on the top ten list. The graphics aren't too great and the gameplay gets one-thumb-down.
Teen, 13 years old Written bydarkangle September 29, 2011


Ok ive never played this game but from the looks of it really bloody and gory

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 15 years old Written bymachinegunner123 June 24, 2009

if you like big game hunter u will love this!!

this is an amazing game. there is not anywhere near as much blood and gore as some people think are in this game. the only time there is blood is when u kill a dinosaur which is not as bad as killing people i mean come on the game is practically cabelas big game hunter with a little more blood and bigger animals. the game is violent yes but it is no worse than any other shooting game. and when u do kill people there is no blood. so all in all its a great game!!
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
Kid, 11 years old December 28, 2011


its not that gory}

This title contains:

Kid, 11 years old January 20, 2011

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 16 years old Written byshivanthing September 4, 2010

Another game that fits in the T-M gap like a glove.

This game, all and all, is a near epic fail created by propaganda games. This is a concept, if had been executed correctly, would have been brilliant. It's a fine game, I'm not saying it's bad, im just saying that there are times when I'm playing the game that I would much rather be doing something else than mowing down masked soldiers or dealing with angry lizards. Now for the parental aspect. This game is on the borderline of being a T and M game. ESRB should be create a 15+ age requirement to fill in that long gap between 13 and 17. The violence, is not a major issue, of course dinos explode. But when you shoot a human, only sparks are show, which to me is not a major issue, and if you've ever seen jurassic park, the violence level is quite the same really. The language is the main concern here. many curses can be heard, include s**t d**m h**l but not once, was there a f**k which we can be thankful for. :P The role models are not very good ones to tell the truth, a bunch of big guys with big guns I would most certainly not consider to be my "daddy" (so to speak...) The messages arn't positive either. To say the least. It's yet another borderline T-TUROK HERE-M game. that would have found it's home between the T and M gap. So 15 and over, is fine. :P

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Kid, 11 years old May 1, 2010

Gory bloody but fun

This game is very gory and bloody mostly when you kill the dinos using a gun but mostly the knife by stabbing them through the head or slitting there throat.Also if you run up to somone whith a knife you can go into a first person veiw and watch the man be brutally slaughtered.I am also surprised that on the back it dosent have language because it does swear quite a bit.My mom said it sholud be a 18 and she never new it was like that, she particullerly dosent like the knife and killing inosent animals.But over all its the best game ive ever played.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Kid, 10 years old January 21, 2010

good for 15+

it isnt my game but it is my brothers and he let me play it when he was is really violent and has a lot of blood and gore alot.well when you kill the humans they have armor so its not that bloody but when you kill the dinosaurs there is alot of blood and gore.the good things arethere is no kissing or anything there are no drugs or alchohal or smoking and it has swearing that isnt a good thing but i forgot to put it in the bad things area.
Kid, 11 years old January 7, 2010

Scared after 30mins of playing!!! OMG

To tell the truth this game scares me. i prefer 3rd person shooters not 1st! There is loads of blood and gore! e.g stabbing a dinosaur in the head 10 times!!! But other people say its good so give it a try. Maybe i will again

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 17 years old Written bySpotlight Sunny D July 28, 2009

Great for teens

Great game. mild swearing...most of the blood from slaying dinosaurs although you can sneak up on enemies with a knife and perform many different takedown moves including stabbing them in the chest and throat, and breaking their neck. Not as violent as many other M games but still pretty bloody. all in all i would say alright for teenagers.
Teen, 13 years old Written bySunsBalla23 April 9, 2008


This one of those rare games that doesnt come along often! It is very cool with nice graphics and awesome weapons! I do not know why they are saying it's extreme violence and stuff, its really only bloody when u kill da dinosaurs but when u shoot the other guys sparks just fly, what is really cool is that when u get u get the bow and u hold the arrow long enough it can pin them to something(tree's, wall's boxes.) And also all weapons have an alternate fire which is great online is great but there some foulmouthed people sometimes,and can be an issue the launguage is okay some cuss word **s, **itty, **tch, stuff like that. But overall great game!!
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

a fun difficult shooter that is really fun

this game might have some iffy action or blood but it's not that bad i mean i bet kids could get worse influences other places than here this is pretty much jurassic park with a knife bow and guns this is not a bad game parents just losen up and let your kids buy this game i mean this is not going to make your kids grab a knife off the counter and start hunting dinosaurs.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


ok. this game rocked!! it had a lot of blood but it has the GEARS OF WAR blood really dark and thick. it has one of the best shots in the game by killing the dinosaurs. for crying out loud if you do not want your kid to rent it or buy it, first look it up on YOUTUBE and watch the game footage. i do this on every game i buy. i look it up on YOUTUBE and see if my mom will aprove. i know what my mom will or will not approve. so try my method for all the games. sometimes COMMONSENSE MEDIA is not always right it can be to dramatic!!