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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

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A desperate attempt to hide the lack of support for the console.

The fact that Nintendo is selling a game that is 25 years old as a new release shows the state that Nintendo has been in for quite a long time. If you haven't played the now classic SF2 before then you have to flip your rock over. there is nothing unique or new enough to justify buying, yet another, rendition of a game that has been archived as an oldy but goodie. The Switch is yet another underpowered gimmick that is behind it's time before release with every accessory and upgrade costing extra money to tedium. If any other console creator had this marketing scheme of maximum exploitation with minimal effort they would be called out and mocked.But because this is yet another instance of paying to play exclusives form the same Nintendo characters from decades past, it is praised as being innovative. Even though the gimmick is more practical this time around, it is still a minimalist gimmick nonetheless being too weak in hardware to support most modern HD games that will never be able to be ported to this glorified tablet. All things considered, the Switch would cost more in basic upgrades to make it even as accessible as it's peers and yet still grossly behind the times in terms of power or HD capabilities compared to anything else on the market. If consumers continue to buy cheap tablets at a ripoff price to essentially buy a license to play a few exclusive games then it is not a matter of comparable competition as it is underhandedly adding to the cost for the most expensive games ever made once every dollar is accounted for. Exploitation indeed. This game is just another 'in your face' example of how Nintendo has doubled down on it's aged repertoire to sell units with fluff instead of a viable system with a steady stream of competent titles.