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Updated remix massively expands popular fighting franchise.
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Adult Written byBrass Rose January 12, 2016

Too inappropriate

I remember playing street fighter in the arcade when the content was far more innocent. I find this game to be far too sexually explicit when it comes to the female characters design, when I see the characters Elena and especially poison on the screen I am very offended at the display, it is incredibly awkward and embarrassing to play this for the first time when you are at your parents house.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byblaines April 5, 2015
Parent Written bynuenjins September 7, 2014

Street Fighter forever milking content.....but still working.

If you never played Street Fighter it's one of the best one on one fighters out there. Unfortunately it could be good without the exploiting and the oversexualized charecter models which are shown close up and very on purpose in intros and some cut scenes. But that is the gaming industry anymore much like Hollywood catering to the LCD ADHD crowd rather than respect or class. That being said this addition gives you 5 new charecters, 4 which are directly 'transposed' from Street Fighter X Tekken and another that is basically a model clone of Cammy whom is an existing charecter but now with a face mask and new moves. Aside from a little extra content the charecters Decapre, Elena, Hugo, Poison, and Rolento are the draw so if infusing your old game with some new blood is worth it plus balance updates, new stages, and YouTube upload then you may be up to the price tag of $15. However note that the content is only compatible with Super SFIV and SSFIV Arcade Edition, and is not stand-alone content. It adds the same content found in the package version of Ultra SFIV (alternate costumes excluded, yet another extra). Once you update you will no longer be able to download Super SFIV and Super SFIV Arcade Edition.