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age 14+

Urban fantasy adventure

This point-and-click adventure game is reminiscent, in terms of content, of the TV show Supernatural and of the book series The Dresden Files; in terms of gameplay, it's strongly inspired by Sierra and LucasArts classics. There is also something of Bioware RPGs, with different party members the player can choose for each mission and interact with, like in Dragon Age or Mass Effect. I enjoyed the game, especially its likable, fairly interesting characters and the fact that different party combinations require to solve puzzles in different ways. Said puzzles are generally on the easy side though. There are mild swearing and sexuality (nothing graphic: a suggested sexual relationship between friends, a flashback implying an extra-marital affair). Most of the content is, however, way too violent and scary for kids; I'd recommend it for the age of 14+. The plot follows an occult organization battling dark magic and monsters; there is a lot of stuff which is inappropriate for kids, both supernatural (blood rituals, cults, demonic possession - the latter is a major plot point) and mundane (people being killed in bloody ways, several suicides). The "retro" style of the game makes all this less graphic than it could have been, but it's still quite disturbing for pre-teens.

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Too much violence