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Adult Written byTFT Gaming June 9, 2015

Amazing game| Don't get it if you're queasy

I'm 13 and I play this game a lot with no problems. I'm not going to lie, there are some parts that are pretty gory but its not too bad. There is an option in the game to turn gore off anyway. Also my brother is 11 and he plays it fine, but it depends on the person. It is a violent game but I wouldn't say its too violent. Pretty much all games are over-rated with the age apart from games like GTA V.
Parent of a 14 and 17 year old Written bynuenjins December 1, 2015

Sub par title is deceptively NOT free and very broken compared to it's peers.

You're not getting Destiny, Halo, or Call of Duty here. The site reviewer must not have played the game much because there IS a fair amount of blood and some gore in the gameplay. This is a second person perspective shooter (meaning you see the character) and NOT third like some automatically say not knowing what it means which is looking downsite from the charecters perspective. It plays like a last gen shooter asnd is very sporatic and the charecters seem to 'float' with little weight to them. The gameplay is a pretty mindless shooter with little variety in it's environments despite it's many"locations". With endless microtransactions, forcing the best content to cost as much as an entire game for 1 DLC amongst the several dozens available, the game seems focused on making it just mindless enough with it's "space ninja" premise to entice the player but quickly frustrates with a thoughtless grinding pattern or forking out money to get to the real game. Within an hour I had to reset twice from getting caught in hiccups, loops, and animation and/ or dialogue glitches. the game is unfinished and VERY focused on YOU buying more to keep it fresh. It is an underwhelming game, which would be fine if it required the cost of an arcde title of $20 or maybe even a full price game if ALL content was included, but for the money or time it takes to get to the nitty gritty of the're money packs a better punch with more reputable titles by far.