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Adult Written byJuggernaut93 September 23, 2011

Brilliant strategy game

This game is pretty sweet stuff. It and its two expansions are an excellent edition to one of the best strategy game series ever made. For parents, however, here are some possible concerns, and as always, is is for you to decide if your child is mature enough for this. Violence: A step up from the original dawn of war. Lots o' blood. When units fight in melee, there is a random chance that the victor in a fight may finish the loser in a spectacular (but bloody beyond all reason) finishing move. Units unfortunate enough to be in the path of explosives will be splattered all over the place. In the Chaos faction, there is a huge, bloated, decaying beast with its organs hanging out through tears in its body. This monster (which is fully controllable if you choose Chaos as your faction) has a plethora of unpleasant ways to kill people. Aside from violence and some rather gruesome monsters, there really is nothing wrong with game, in my humble opinion. No sex, language, or anything of the sort whatsoever. Judge for yourself whether your child can handle this.
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Too much violence
Adult Written byFreedomFromCens... November 1, 2009

For the Chapter! Excellent, but not perfect RTS game.

If you enjoyed RTS games like Company of Heroes, and are a huge fan of the Warhammer 40K games, you will probably love this game. My only real complaints are that the campaign is a bit shorter than expected, and that online play can be a hassle with Microsoft's nearly broken "Live" system for the PC. Blood is average, some gore, but its not very overwhelming, nothing most parents should really be worried about. Oh, and you have to install this with a Steam account, so be sure to make one before you install it (this allows you to download and play the game from any computer with Steam installed).