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this is a fun game it reqiures alot of skill

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Good Port of Wii Sports, Seems to be not as Good as the Wii Version

Okay, so I have not bought the full game yet: I have only activated the free trial about 45 minutes ago at the time this review was posted. The graphics are crisp, clean colored, and bright, and even if you stare directly at it you can barely see any pixelation! While this is the same with pretty much every Wii U game available on a disc, I especially am noting this because this is the only game besides Splatoon I own which has graphics like this (Scribblenauts has pen and paper-style graphics, which are hit or miss with me, mostly hit, though, and in Mario Maker, the graphics can be changed from 8-bit, 16-bit, and somewhat better than Wii). Now onto content! Violence: Yeah, like the original Wii sports, Boxing (the only sport I have played so far) has violence, and although it is mild, it is still realistic. In Boxing, you play from first person and punch opponents repeatedly, which staggers them (stars also appear when they are dazed). As I have played the original Wii Sports, I know no other sports (which are bowling, golf, tennis, and baseball) have any sort of violence in them, and although in Wii Sports Club the violence is not increased or decreased in Boxing, it still is more violent in my opinion due to improved graphics. However, a screen says that the game earned it's E10+ rating from it, and you can choose to activate it or not yet. Overall, Wii Sports Club is really good, but not as much as the original due to both an increased price (about $75 for the full game on Amazon, though you can get the demo I am currently using free, which lasts for a whole day) and the fact that you have to use the Motion Plus (I have only two Wii Remotes Pluses, and no Motion Pluses). Also, you can have people from online banter via text and illustrations.

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Easy to play/use