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Adult Written byhkjsgyigmghsk December 16, 2008

This is one brilliant non-violent game

While searching for the perfect game for my nephew, I came across this at best buy. I brought it home to try it out and see if there was anything wrong with it. A few goo balls get impaled on spikes, but otherwise, it's completely safe. I agree with this article, though. Many of the levels were difficult for me, but seeing as my nephew is 9, I don't think it will do anything but cause him delight.
Adult Written bySuperCarefulMom February 21, 2009

Scary Undertones

The "Genetic Sorting Machine" where children are told that "some balls are prettier than others" is frightening. The "less fortunate" are piled in a ditch for the "prettier" fortunate to roll across. Ruanda? Germany? How many more places can we think of where this kind of mentality has disgraced humanity? This game is only ok for people who do not know how to read the unbelievably inappropriate messages.
Parent of a 3 and 5 year old Written bymsaxer October 16, 2009

Best physics puzzler I've ever played

My kids (3 and 5) love to sit with me and tell me what to do with the cute little goo balls. Beautiful game all around. Kids could take this game on solo around 7 or so. 5 is too young to do the precise clicking that's needed on some levels.
Educator and Parent of a 8, 10, and 12 year old Written bytcbueti December 18, 2008

Engrossing for all ages

Note: We have only played the free, downloadable version of this game, but we will be getting it for Christmas, either as a PC disk or downloaded onto our (new) Wii. All three of my kids, ages 8-12, and I were charmed by the little goo balls, who chirp when they get closer to the goal of the pipe opening as you build them into various shapes and structures. As the levels increase in difficulty, adding various obstacles and challenges, being able to change tactics becomes critical, encouraging creativity. If you don't do well on a level, you can simply try again, evidently as often as you like. You can really learn a lot about construction, foundations, cantilevering, weight, etc., without really noticing you're learning (my definition of a good game!). The artwork is a neat combination of cheerful and creepy, and the music is beautiful. Simple to understand, but challenging to master --another sign of a good game. We love the World of Goo!
Adult Written byPvt. Sokolva January 5, 2011

Adorable, creative. Parents and kids can enjoy this game. Great $$ Too.

This game is adorable. I'd recommend it to kids even younger, but I'm not sure at what point it would start getting too difficult for them. The puzzles can be challenging for adults and children alike...a great indie game to pass the time. For what it is, a simple game with a simple objective and a simple yet quirky and very creative objective and characters, I say game on! There's absolutely nothing in this that could possibly be bad for kids....unless your worried about the violence of popping a ball of goo.
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Adult Written byBandaid Queen December 15, 2010

Lots of fun!

This is a wonderful game. It teaches simple physics and engineering in a fun and interesting way. As I play it on a computer, it has very simple click and drag controls. Some of the puzzles might frustrate younger children, but it's still an amazing game.
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Parent of a 9 and 9 year old Written bykptown December 12, 2010

very fun, a thinker's game

Great game, learning about physics while you creatively build structures to gain points of goo you collect. My child who likes puzzles enjoys this and Max & the Magic Marker. I had a lot of fun playing it too. Would be fine for a 7 year old who likes puzzles, but gets easier and more interesting the older they are. Nothing offensive or questionable about this. And there's no tension over the amount of time to complete them.
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Parent of a 2 year old Written bychiery October 8, 2009
World of Goo is an amazing game (the music is among the best) This game is a brilliant metaphor for humanity with surprisingly relevant messages about resource, industry, development, and progress.
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Adult Written byfallout May 25, 2009

great game.

a outstanding game.