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Parent reviews for World of Warships

Common Sense says

Strategic naval war game promotes teamwork, competition.
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Parents say

age 12+
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Kids say

age 8+
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Adult Written byDarkVoidBoy September 12, 2015

Not just unmoderated chat--NO FILTER OPTIONS

To say that the chat is not moderated is significantly understating the issue. Understand that there is no solo play option. Your child will be playing with other players, either against other players, or against computer opponents. World of Warships lacks profanity filters, ignore options, etc.--basic chat features. While there are ways to blacklist other players once a match is over, matches often last 15-20 minutes. During the beta period, the lack of basic features was understandable, but the game is about to officially launch as a full release with no chat features in sight. I can't recommend playing this game around children under 16 until they sort this out.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bynandu_s October 11, 2015

World of warships is the best!

I definitely think that this game is appropriate for children age 9+ because their isn't any humans involved at all! I personally love playing this game with my kids and creating platoons to be in the same battle!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byguyLOL July 11, 2018

About chat filters and language

Players almost never talk in chat + there are messages generated by the game like: Good luck, Fair seas etc. wich could be accsessed by pressing B on the keyboard. But there is a generated message refered to as"curses" but its just a bunch of random symbols representing bad words. Overall great game, definetely recommended!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byRalph B. February 14, 2018

World of Warships - Concept is brilliant but game support and integration is extremely poor

The actual concept behind the game is brilliant and does not need any additional work However, there are lots of issues with the game client which causes repeated crashes and other faults and the support staff at WG just fob players off with stock andswers and do not do anything to fix the underlying issues with the game in its current format Ingame chat is not moderated and can contain profanity and other references The game forum is also not moderated and can contain profanity and other references The images for players icons are not moderated and can contain images not appropriate for minors If you want premium time and or premium ships or extra port space the game starts to get very expensive

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byEV G. September 15, 2016

A good game you can play with your kids

The gameplay is fun and easy to learn. The graphics is excellent, the sea, the sky, and the islands are all rendered beautifully, and the hardware requirement is quite low, just about any computer with a graphics chip or card should be able to run this game. The game requires a certain amount of strategic planning and teamwork, and if you are into learning about old ships, there is a large variety on display. The only negative point is the lack of a "mute all" option in chat, because this is a multiplayer game where random strangers can use foul language in chat, although overall the warships community is polite and helpful, at least it is much better than most other online games. For best results, I would recommend you form a division with your kids and play together, it is a fun and family friendly experience.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byaziz786 July 1, 2018

Very Fun Game

Great for kids who like strategy games and has NO violence at all, great for the whole family.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byDavidale February 24, 2019

Great game

Play it myself. My son also plays. There is not much violence, other than shooting ships. The chat room could get ugly, so I usually just ignore it. The controls are not always mentioned in the tutorial, such as holding "z" after firing. The game takes skill, and would require a lot of time. This is why you should monitor how long your kid plays this game for. The only other problem is paying for items with real money is extremely expensive.

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Adult Written bySergay Bichevohkek September 23, 2018

War robots

Boaty McBoatface

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bymacio February 4, 2019

aircraft carriers destroyed the game

Last update just broke a game. aircraft carriers destroyed the game. Don't waste your time and money!
Adult Written bywwewerw January 21, 2019

No one will seriously read this so I don't bother.

sucks! It only has outer appearance, inside the game mechanism are kind of pay-to-win and ever changing ship stats make the game harder in addition to the untold game mechanism. No one is putting enough to communicate in game and the popup ready made phrases are too limited to communicated in the game. 1-2 tier is unnoticeably and quietly undermined compared to other nation of the same tier. 5-10 USN CV ships are shitter than IJN counterparts. This is untold and you will only know when played. No one really know how this shit game works expert real math nerds. Because sometime unexplained, sometime you calculate math, and sometime have to work out.