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Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

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age 9+

Love This

I played this game as a young, impressionable kid. I absolutely loved it. The puzzles aren't too difficult and there isn't gore or language. However,*SPOILER ALERT* the ending killed me for weeks. Maybe i was too into it or something, but when one of the true main characters got sucked into a black hole, my heart exploded. Also Barboros and the Barboros' Castle stages scared me. The Castle was based on haunted things and ghosts, and I've always been terrified of ghosts. There are ghosts, iron maidens, a statue that cries red, and a piano that plays on it's own. But this game is fantastic and i highly recommend it. It has a wide range of stage types and enemies and the characters are funny. Especially Johnny. You can travel from forests, to the icy palace, to the fiery home of a great wyrm and its adorable baby, even to the center of the earth. Great game. This review does it little justice. A real winner.

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