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Parent of a 13 year old Written byLTM312 April 10, 2010

2001-not for everybody

"2001-A Space Odyssey" is a masterpiece of film making. Based on a short story by Arthur C. Clarke, the movie is at various times philosophical and literal, poetic and logical, possible and impossible. It used at the time cutting edge special effects that were not bettered until "Star Wars" came out, and has what is perhaps the most famous "jump cut" in cinema history. The story as seen on the screen is basicly divided into 3 parts-The evolution of Man, Man's conquering of outer space, Man's next evolutionary step to "Star Child." The middle section, the moon and flight to Jupiter, is probably the most coherent and beautiful part of the film. If your teenager has the expectation of laser battles and exploding planets, this movie is not for them. However if you have a child who has begun to ask "Why are we here?", "What is the point of life?" this film is for them. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, originally in 70 mm Cinerama, and stereo. Special effects by Douglas Trumbul and John Dykstra among othesr. Hey kids, models and film tricks. No computers were used.
Adult Written bycrackerjack5 April 11, 2009


What a boring boring movie. I thought it would never end.
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written bylgigli October 22, 2013

confusing and not complete

There is not enough there, there. My son (12) and I felt there was not plot. The visuals are good, but it leaves you longer for more cohesiveness that just isn't there.
Adult Written bySpongepat63 June 28, 2015

My Favorite Movie But.....

2001 has became famous for it's critical acclaim. Some (including me) call it a masterpiece. Some call it a confusing snooze-fest. There is nothing that anyone of any age can't handle. But it's not even just kids who find this boring. Adults, do too. So if you are expecting something fast-paced don't watch this.
Parent of a 10 and 15 year old Written bysomgop September 28, 2012

Not easy to watch but truly incredible!

If yuo are looking for a thought provoking and mature look at who we were and where we may be going, this is one of the truly great cinematic triumphs.
Adult Written byMovieLover4Lyfe May 26, 2010


A movie way ahead of its time! This movie is a masterpiece and Stanley Kubrick made history with this film. The only thing is I wouldn't reccomend younger children watching it as they may not understand all the content.
Adult Written bycritic sense November 4, 2012

Recommended Rating: All ages

This is a slow-paced sci-fi film and presents thematic elements that may be too confusing to children. There is very little violence, but people do die in the film. An astronaut loses air in space and several hibernating people have their life-support systems disconnected. The stargate sequence has a lot of flashing colors and eerie music that may scare young children. There are a few instances of mild language. However, they are casually said and may go unnoticed.
Adult Written byHaloFreak123 April 9, 2008

A classic

This is a great movie, its just that the ending is wierd. :)
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byCheese and Bread August 26, 2016

The fist 80% of the movie is okay, but the ending makes 0 sense

Adult Written byKaaatie May 6, 2016

2001: a space odyssey

I give this movie a 4 star mostly because of the uniqueness, but overall the plot of the movie left me puzzled. i feel that this movies meaning is about evolution and how advanced technology can get, how it could take over and what could happen if we travel through time and space. Maybe the meaning is a warning to the future, maybe its a theory that all this already happened and the Star child was the beginning of humanity. But i did like the trip scene, where there's a lot of color. i strongly feel like this movie is the meaning of live, from evolving to destroying ourselves because that's just life, and that there could be other life form beyond our galaxy. this movie definitely challenges your thoughts.
What other families should know
Great messages
Adult Written byMichael Loughrie March 19, 2016

Kubrick's Masterpiece, but Extremely Violent

What's the movie about? : After a huge jump from bone to machines, HAL 9000 (Douglas Rain) refuses to do the tasks asked by his commander, David Bowman (Keir Dullea). HAL 9000 kills all members on board except for David, and David then turns HAL 9000 off, and later on TV figured out life on other planets have been discovered. Now after a crazy mess of outstanding visuals, he's now stuck in an area when he starts to age super fast. Positive Messages is a 0/5. Positive Role Models is a 4/5- David tries his hardest to save his crew members and is super resilient, and even risked his life to get into the ship. Sex is a 0.5/5- David is shown working out in his underwear after a nap. Violence is a 5/5- People are killed, beaten, and in extreme peril. One scene could be very scary for some (after Dave shuts down HAL). David almost runs out of oxygen. HAL murders almost everyone on board. Consumerism is a 0/5 Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking is a 0/5 Overall, this film is an unforgettable film for adults. And if you have some mature and understanding kids, it's possible.
What other families should know
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
Adult Written byBestPicture1996 June 10, 2014

The most prolific sci-fi film...yet the most mysterious

So many have seen "2001," and I was very leery about watching it for the first time. The truth is this is simply one of those movies that demands to be seen several times to grasp it, but you only need to see it once to comprehend the masterful technicalities that went into its creation. The movie is synonymous with pure expression and imagination, and is really up to the viewer. Because of my frustration with gripping the plot, I reserve a star, but this is a 5 star quality film. It's deliberately slow paced and majestically surreal, and it'll always be around for movie buffs to ponder over it.
Adult Written bycian93 April 27, 2011

Suitable for all ages.

One of the greatest films of all time, suitable for all ages. The worst violence is at the beginning when a monkey kills another with a bone. Some scenes near the end might be a little scary for very young children. Worth pointing out that the vast majority of kids won't understand this movie though.
Adult Written byWithoutlimits January 8, 2011

over-rated Snoozefest

I know this movie is considered a classic by many but I found it extremely slow-paced and not worth seeing. Very monotonous.
Parent of a 13 year old Written byTsion June 15, 2009

Wow...Can You Even Describe It?

No. Probably Not. But I'm going to try. Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY jumps millions of years in between its plot lines, which follow significant progress of human intelligence and evolution through the ages. That's all I can say, really, without giving the whole movie away. Just know that there is little objectionable material. There are a few "d**n"s and "h*ll"s for language, and some scenes may be intense for young kids, though they aren't violent. You have to see the movie to believe it, really. Afterwards, I guarantee you will be puzzled, so go onto Wikipedia and look up the article INTERPRETATIONS OF 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. That might help. Enjoy!