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Parent reviews for 47 Meters Down

Common Sense says

Bloody shark tale is extremely tense, gripping.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 13+
Based on 20 reviews

Kids say

age 12+
Based on 45 reviews
Adult Written byLeslie P. June 17, 2017

I like this movie, it was very intense had you on the edge of your seat. The pilot of this movie never never believe people you don't know, because sometimes thinks can just sound to good to be true.

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Parent Written byAna Mirian C. June 18, 2017
Adult Written byOverProtectiveMommy October 12, 2017

One of the best thrillers I'd let my children watch

I have an 8 year old child along with an 11 year old child, both of them wanted to watch a "scary movie" with their mommy. I'm a very protective parent, I don't want my kids exposed to evil or anything to do with satan like the horror movies we have in theatres today. But this was almost a family-friendly thriller. They had you on the edge of the seat without being exposed to paranormal or satan or anything gory.

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Adult Written byMelanie P. June 25, 2017

Unrealistic and lacking proper research

As a scuba instructor the diving scenario was as realistic as someone who thinks they will fly by flapping their arms like wings. 1) their AIR (not oxygen as the characters constantly referred to it) would have lasted less than 15 min on a good day. In a panic situation, it would have last literally seconds at that depth, and under stress - particularly in an inexperienced diver. 2) OXYGEN is toxic at about 20 feet of depth. 3) Nitrogen narcosis, about which the captain kept warning them, they would have already had. 3) Dying from "the bends" is not always a given, is medically treatable and not the worst of the concerns in this scenario. The rest of the stupidity involved in this absurd story line I think the general public can figure out on their own - starting with going out with an unverified operator. We kept cheering for the sharks - which even after grabbing one of the female characters by the torso went unfed .... ''tis but a flesh wound!" Lol! But! I will give it to the movie makers, the sharks looked realistic and they did get our $7.50 matinee price!
Adult Written byLarondra B. June 26, 2017

One of the best movies i seen all year !!

It was a very thrilling movie , it kept me guessing .. all the actors did such a great job, the movie is definitely a real life death situation... this movie is all about surviving!! I recommend everyone to watch it !

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Adult Written byBob J. June 25, 2017

The worst movie I ever seen

The movie was the worst it had no back story and it was to short. Making it a triller do not meen it I good. Who ever pays the movietheater to watch it then I am sorry for you and it is just a wast of money
Adult Written byShadowofchaos41 June 21, 2017

Straight to dvd movie shoved into theaters

This movie was supposed to just be s straight to dvd movie. Blatant cash grab just to make some more money. Has no depth, nothing interesting just full of jumpscares. Don't waste your money
Adult Written byKristy V. June 18, 2017

Alot of hype, don't waste your $$

This movie was given alot of hype for promotion. Although it had some moments of suspense, overall story line was quite boring. Acting was not good . Save your $$ and rent it on Redbox for $1.50
Adult Written byTim S. July 4, 2017

Most misunderstood stood the suspense

I read some of the reviews and started not to go see this movie, but I did anyway. It is a movie more of the Hitchcock tradition it's suspense is slow and builds To it's moments. It plays on the psychology of being trapped in murky water with sharks lurking around however this day and time people just want to see people eaten by sharks. I enjoyed the whole idea of it. To me there is nothing spookier than being trapped at the bottom of the ocean with man eaters lurking aroun that you can see.
Adult Written byJohn W. September 16, 2017

Horror doesn't work when you're laughing or irritated

This movie is full of ludicrous technical errors, has a poor story line and weak dialogue. It is also predictable. The female stars spend so much time screaming, you hope the the shark will eat one of both of them as soon as possible. Don't waste your time with this nonsense.
Adult Written byTeresa J. July 2, 2017

Made for TV!!!

Glad I saw it on my firestick! Drawn out! Unrealistic! And did Lisa live? Die? Go mad? Don't waste your money...or time!
Adult Written bykerryo1 December 9, 2017

Made me jump a few times

Best movie I've seen for a while. Made me jump quite a few times and I even screamed twice! Not like me as I love a good scare. My dog didn't like it and went and his under my son's bed lol
Adult Written byKelli J. October 7, 2017

B movie

B movie with B acting. I kept thinking that maybe the editing ruined the movie more than the acting? I think the actors did the best they could with the script. The sisterly love was great and I felt Claire Holt had the better, more compelling scenes. There was a great shark scene at the end that was worth seeing again regardless of how unrealistic any of this was. Save ur money to rent instead or skip altogether.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bykaila p. July 8, 2017

Why you need to go see 47 meters down

There was a few f words and there is some language, but nothing thats concerning for young kids. honestly, this movie was more scary, so watch with your kids,. Im 18, and this movie had honestly made me freak out during watching it. I held my breath because it was so suspensful, and a few times things happened that made me scream oout loud!! one part blew me away, and i dont want to give it away but holy crap. this movie is much better than i thought it was going to be. it was captivating, and so good, but the last minute of the movie sucked just because of how they ended it. I'd watch this with you kids if you allow them to watch because now i will never go snorkling or diving ever.
Adult Written bySkininx October 8, 2017

Great movie. Very intense has you on the edge of your seat most of the movie.

There’s no sex so it’s good for kids. Just kissing. A bit of swearing but not much.
Parent Written byanoud h. October 11, 2017


it is fine and relly good
Adult Written byWang B. August 18, 2017

Lousy and unrealistic plot but extremely good focus on current ppl's intelligence.

Extremely disappointing but very accurately capturing current modern ppl's mentality in going for cheap, fast excitement. If u are looking for a film that focuses on really senseless peepz in times of danger, this is one good movie to go.

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Positive role models
Adult Written bycrystaltarkn February 13, 2019

It's a really good movie, but 13+

It's a really good movie, has some partying in it and stuff but literally no swearing that I remember. I think your child should just be mature enough to watch some gore because there is some blood and stuff. There's a bit of jumpscares as well when the sharks come out of no where. But overall, it's a really good movie and you parents should watch it first and decide whether their child is ready for it or not.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byspoopjelly September 18, 2018

(read)DISAPOINTING -sorry if i spelled that wrong.

First this moving was good,then it got to the shark cage.when they get dropped 47 meters down It was intense and i am fond of intense movies but i think if you paid for it,its a waste of money.At the end (forgot her name)the girl with the brown hair was hallucinating,and that scared me.Also the end was very disapointing,and it was a short movie they should have added more plots to and more scenses to the movie that are important.The only scenes i remember are when the go to a bar,the shark cage,then the boat-like what???I recommend this movie to 15 and up

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byKassandra M. May 19, 2018

didn't make sense

This movie was absolutely awful. it didn't make sense b/c when they got stuck in the cage, the opening of the cage opened when they tried to kick off the hella heavy crane off the cage, but when they got the crane off which I don't even know howww, all of a sudden its no use anymore b/c one girl stayed behind and told her to make sure she gets rescued too, I was like wtf! Also the girl went through a hole in the cage but couldn't fit b/c of the mask so she took it off, but when you take a mask off in the water it would fill up with water which is also how they would be able to breathe. But when she put the mask back on she could see fine and breathe. Something is not adding up.

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