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Terrible acting, low budget, sucky in general

I would rather grind my fingers than watch this again. The cast list makes no sense. If all children lived in England there whole lives and there parents were from England, they shouldn’t have Hispanic or French accents or be of different races. Another thing: accents are obviously faked and it seems all of the actors résumés were too because there is no emotion in this movie. Now for the last part. No sensible plot. How can grandkids be inherited from an uncle??? Like how where they permeated to take care of 6 kids when there is a finically stable grandpa in picture? No one will enjoy this unless your a manic

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 12+


If you want your son or daughter To be respectful and responsible then this movie is not for u .
age 6+

It's a cute movie

It doesn't rank with the Hollywood great films, so what! My wife and I watched and we enjoyed it. Yes, if you are a filmmaker there are shortcomings in production design, on-site sound recording, interior lighting, editing, & acting. I don't think kids would notice. It's cleaner than nearly all non-animated Disney movies. I enjoyed Savage and 'Pauley', good to see them still on the screen. I had fun trying to figure out where it was filmed. I tried to search it out, no luck. My guess is the French Riveria. Bon!