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age 14+

Way too much crude sexual language

I watched this with my 11 year old daughter because she loves birds and birding. I was really disappointed with both the story itself as well as the underlying sexual themes. The story is basically about some kids who go on an adventure to find a rare bird. There are some side stories happening, such as family dynamics, etc. but not enough to fill up the entire 2 hours with a meaningful movie. What bothered me most about this movie was the abundance of crude sexual remarks (talking about wanting to do it to girls "doggie style", etc.) and lack of anything equal between the genders. The main characters are boys with two girls playing side roles. During the entire movie there are no conversations at all where two girls talk to each other. The only single word spoken is a rude remark from one girl to the other, calling her "girl". The girl that goes with the boys to search for the mysterious bird comes with them because her passion is photography and she wants to take pictures of the bird. She has been a photographer for 4 years but once she is around the boys she looses all interest in her camera and doesn't take it out, instead choosing to simply follow the boys around. Even when the bird appears, she doesn't have her camera and has to scramble for it as she suddenly remembers she is a photographer. I would have really liked to have seen a more equal role between the genders as well as cutting out some of the crude language that doesn't serve the storyline at all.

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