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Parent of a 10, 13, and 17 year old Written byChoson November 17, 2012

Good to watch together

Watch it together. My 8-year-old loved it, though he cuddled close during the intense parts.
Parent of a 6 year old Written bybunnie911 May 7, 2013

Edward Hopper light and shadow

Visually appealing, interesting plot, and it kept my 7 yo. daughter's attention. Positive role models? None really. Some cartoon violence.
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written byFilmFather October 9, 2012

Oscar-worthy? Eh. Worth watching? Definitely.

The hand-drawn animation is the first thing that sets A Cat in Paris apart from other recent animated films. It’s an abstract, art deco style, full of shadows and vibrant colors, that makes it feel like a classic children’s storybook come to life. *** Once Dino’s two worlds cross paths, A Cat in Paris really picks up – taking us from foot and car pursuits, to a chase across the rooftops of Paris, to a final showdown atop the Notre Dame cathedral. *** At a trim 62 minutes, A Cat in Paris is a welcome detour from what we encounter (and expect) from the big animation studios. Oscar-worthy? That’s debatable. What’s not debatable is that it’s definitely worth watching. *** A Cat in Paris is rated PG for “mild violence and action, and some thematic material.” THEMATIC MATERIAL: Zoe and her mom are sometimes sad over her dad’s death; Nico steals valuable items and money from homes and museums (he is a cat burglar, after all). There's champagne and wine at a dinner scene, and one character smokes a cigarette. LANGUAGE: Costa says he scared one of his cronies so much, “you nearly wet your undies!” He also calls one of his thugs an “idiot.” A minor character says, “You sneaky son of a -” (not finishing the phrase) VIOLENCE/SCARINESS: Costa slaps one of his men, fires warning shots at another, kidnaps Zoe, chokes Jeanne, and fights Nico, knocking out one of his teeth. (He’s also depicted in a dream sequence as a large, creepy octopus, which may scare young children.) Elsewhere, Dino scratches a person's leg, which briefly bleeds; Nico takes a policeman's gun and holds it on him and Jeanne; detectives shoot guns at a firing range; Dino bloodlessly kills a lizard; and a major character falls to their death. *** READ MY FULL REVIEW: filmfather (dot) blogspot (dot) com.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent of a 5 and 9 year old Written byM382 August 20, 2012

Beautiful and interesting movie.

Took my just-turned-6 & just-turned-9-year old boys to see this. Thought-provoking story and beautifully done cartoon. We have a cat; they love cats; they loved this story because the cat is one of its heroes. To me, even though the conflict scenario here (kidnapping) was more realistic than the one in Paranorman (zombies), the violence in this movie was more cartoonish than not. We just returned from seeing Paranorman, which was very scary for my 6-year-old. He wasn't frightened at all during this movie. It was wonderful also to have the boys experience something obviously not made in the US - made as almost a love story to the city of Paris - so many architectural landmarks in the film.
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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written byaubreyp May 30, 2015
Parent of a 10 year old Written bylorrief1 May 16, 2015

Best Movie Ever

SPOILER ALERT!!! This movie was great. But my mom thought there was too much violence but I thought it was a great movie for 9 and up. Although I very much enjoyed this movie there where a few scary scenes. A man plunges to his death and the mother of the girl uses a gun even though no one is shot I was a little bit scared this is a great movie if you are looking for something to watch. The end is the best part when the thief the girl the cat and the mom are all together. The thief is saved by the mother. The girl is stolen by the nanny I was nine when I first watched the movie I am still a child and think this movie is AWESOME this is a must watch!!!!
Adult Written byBestPicture1996 September 9, 2014

French feline flick is gorgeously drawn

The visuals in the Oscar-nominated (let's be real, that's the only reason any of us have heard about it) "A Cat in Paris" are gorgeous, like hand-drawn pictures fresh off the drawing board coming to life before you. But even though the plot is very interesting and gets across a lot of interesting characters, music and story in a short amount of time, the dubbed dialogue is pretty lame, even through the eyes of a 10 year old. This movie also surprised me by how violence springs up, there's choking, scratching, even a quiche in the face! It's a perfectly fine kids movie for maybe older elementary school age children!
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Too much violence